The People’s Party

The People’s Party . (For your consideration.)

> No PACs or Billionaire Funders 
> Free Candidate Training Provided
> A System To Hold Elected Officials Accountable To Our Platform 
> Always Put Health & Planetary Health1st
> Public Funding Of Elections
> Mobile/Online Voting On Our Platform
> A Grassroots Focus On Community Engagement

The purpose of the people’s party is to have an opensource transparent horizontally focused system to empower people to participate in expanding compassion, human & planetary rights, free thinking, and human potential.

Horizontally Focused.

The goal of the organization is to spread and empower compassionate citizenship, to build a just and healthy society that works well for everyone. This requires constant outreach to expand participation throughout geographic and ideological communities. Think of it as circles overlapping with many other circles each one being a group, a club, a neighborhood or other set of people who share a common interest. Solutions like work rise up from the grassroots, from our communities and do not descend or “trickledown” to us from CEO’s, Chairmen, Presidents or other leaders at the top of some pyramid shaped organizational chart.

Horizontal focus also means not looking up to leaders be they municipal, state or federal for all of our solutions but instead looking to each other to directly and immediately contribute our resources and skills to solving our everyday problems. The purpose of politics is to come together to improve all of our lives and solve problems. We should not wait for any leaders or organizations to do this by committee or legislative decree. Though laws and regulations are necessary and funding from government and of government is as well, every person living among us in our land should contribute to making our communities work well for all of us in whatever way they can. A member therefore of The People’s Party should be prepared to work together with other members to engage their communities problems and contribute to their solutions. It’s not enough to pay taxes and vote anymore. We all must pitch in.


GOTV or “Get Out The Vote” therefore is not something to do leading up to an election and abandon thereafter. Instead it is a year round activity where people at the grassroots level are trained, encouraged and supported in reaching out to their coworkers and neighbors to educate, uplift and inform about the importance of every citizen participating in our form of democratic Republic.