Sail the Stormy Sea

Ride with the currents that flow

Life gives you lemons, true. But you can either bite into it and complain about how sour it is, or you can squeeze the shit out of it and turn it into a lemonade.

It’s never easy to “live” as it seems. It’s an entire rollercoaster of emotions, events and occurrences on a daily basis. It’s rather easy to live by life’s terms rather than revolting against what you can’t control.

We often find ourselves in a situation where people whom we love, don’t love us back or rather when you gave it your all for an exam, but you wrote terribly the next day anyway.

Keep calm and let the current take you where it wants to, rather than swim against, trying to do something that’s not in your control.

There’s only two possible outcomes to ugly situations like these:

1 | Out of Jeopardy

The current leads to a nearby shore. A good ending, after all. You got out of an ugly situation, and you’re finally back to safety. You learn not to swim that way ever again, and you move on. But it isint the case always.

2|The Big Fall

The current might lead to a waterfall. Either you can accept your fate and give up after you fall from above, or you can shake it off and learn to get to safety.

“Know when to row harder and know when to float”

I am a hypocrite.

While I’m giving you life advices on what not to, and what to do, I seem to live in a world of my own where my childish thoughts of “Life should be easy and I always want happiness in mine” populates my mind. Although it seems cheerful and nice, it’s better to learn, to accept “what is” and abide by the rules rather than, to throw a tantrum against and fight for it.

Every time you learn to compromise and accept, it softens the blow little by little, when you hit rock bottom.

As you sail the Stormy Sea, the currents get harder and harder, rowing becomes tougher and tougher. You have two choices, either give up now or, row harder, to ride the calm current later. Nothing in life comes easy. You have to earn the right to every little thing that comes your way.

Live life to the fullest. Enjoy every moment. Enjoy every second. For it’s not worthy to give up now, or ever.

“ Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it”

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