A poem about you… no about me… no about us….

Captain Kage
A Ronin’s Waves.
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1 min readFeb 17


How come you never write back?
Roles reversed
I would never do you like that
But I’m cursed to rearrange my flight path

Or am I
Have I fooled myself

Why am I so attached to your approval
Even though my efforts never move you
Screw you…

What I wanna do to you
But I can’t get my hands on the tools used

Is it because I’m not clever enough?
Not smart enough to get you to trust
Or maybe in my rush to be in love
I turned a crush into an idol to be lifted up

I’m probably the one with issues
In a rush to get you
Rush past all my insecurities
Thinking your love would nourish me
And I’d heal

Or did I even know I was hurt

No concept of clean when all you’ve seen is the dirt



Captain Kage
A Ronin’s Waves.

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