Not A Good Soldier

Nah fam… I can’t live and die for your desires.

Captain Kage
A Ronin’s Waves.
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1 min readFeb 17


I’m not a good soldier
At least in the way I see it defined
Rush to your death without batting an eye
To batten their hatches, become the most battered of guys

Hell no

They’d send me out into the damn cold
Or have me lost in the fold
of their ambition
You think the quilt’s a comfy cover
til you end up missing
That you fought your own battles
What you end up wishing

It was a fool’s decision

Not that you’re a fool but you were fooled
By the tool of the spool that’s caught our ideas of living
Tied up in confines of what options end up in our vision

Give them ignorance so we increase the dividends
Don’t want them knowing where they’re going
Just get em in
And fool enough of them and others will do the dirty work for us
Worried about fitting in

Following the crowd to their demise
Cover up the fact this end was a result of our enterprise
Smoke screen
make em blind
give em injured eyes
Don’t let them see how we’ve redefined what it means to be alive

What it means to be in touch co opted for the worst of us
We’ll grind them into dust
Long as profits looking up
That works for us

And they work for us

Good soldiers never know who to trust



Captain Kage
A Ronin’s Waves.

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