A Ronin’s Waves.
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A Ronin’s Waves.

We Are Afraid To Dance.

We’ve stopped tuning in to nature’s rhythms and started making random noise.

Photo by Olivia Bauso on Unsplash

What is fear but clinging to the illusion of safety? A misguided attempt to control the uncontrollable rhythms of life. An attempt to hijack the performance of music meant to be danced to.

Instead of letting life’s rhythms move us, become part of us, become vibrations we…




This is a publication about exploring the human condition, through the eyes of the human I want to know the best… Myself. I have varied interests, so the topics will vary as well. This publication is about exploration, freedom, and contributing to the greater good.

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Kage D. Gratis

Kage D. Gratis

The essence of spirituality is contentment. Know yourself and heal your universe. Corruption causes justice to appear as insanity. See the moon, not the finger.

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