Donald Doesn’t Love You

One after another, the men and women who supported President Trump will inevitably find themselves tossed aside.

Jeff Sessions doesn’t deserve your sympathy.

As the latest target of Trump’s Twitter tirades, Sessions has now been retconned into being a figure of dignity and resistance to the irrational side of Trump, ignoring the fact that he stoked the fires of Don’s nationalist, isolationist agenda as much as Steve Bannon ever did.

He has presided over the largest push to arrest and deport immigrants since Operation Wetback and done so with the sliminess, dehumanization, and secrecy of a Gestapo chief. He has publicly backed harsher punishments for drug offenses, called for a renewed War On Drugs, and laughed aside States’ rights when it came to marijuana legalization. He advocated policies like stop and frisk and plays to people’s fears to make his point, rather than using what should be a lifetime of experience and knowledge from being a longtime public servant and attorney. He recommended that Trump fire former FBI director James Comey — only to have Trump ignore the trumped up recommendation and admit that it was all about the Russia investigation.

In the short time since he’s played the role of Chief of Law Enforcement in the U.S., he’s obscured the truth while under oath and played dumb when called out on it, like a member of the Mafia not willing to take the fall, reluctantly saying he’d recuse himself in the Russia investigation to get out of hot water — a move that, ironically and for all the wrong reasons, will cost him his position as Attorney General.

He is the Sheriff Arpaio of the whole country and yet, now he finds himself squarely in the cross hairs of a President who has made himself a lame duck through ineptitude and hypocrisy — and is mad about it.

Sessions’ impending replacement this early on is surprising. And yet, it was inevitable. Sessions, Spicer, Christy, Gingrich, Manafort, Lewandowski, Giuliani — a growing list of fervent, opportunistic Trump supporters who were cast aside so casually and cynically that most people probably found themselves wondering months after the fact -

“Hey, what ever happened to ___?”

And in a few months we’ll be wondering the same of Sessions and who knows who else. With Spicer out, reports are floating around that Reince Priebus, another supposed check on Trump’s worst tendencies, is not long for this world. It’s hard to imagine we’ll see any of the President’s team of rivals much past the end of the year.

What has been obvious from the start is that Trump is the worst kind of user. He delights in loyalty at all costs and yet he is not loyal to anyone at all. He is a man who’s political party and views have shifted with the winds — lacking all desire to stand up for anything at all, except his own good name. The people around him are no more than ladder rungs he needs to get a step higher.

But this isn’t limited to the political outsiders and flukies that pass in and out of his White House. Trump’s disloyalty will inevitably apply to his loyal base as well. The ones who actually believe his Twitter rants of Fake News ™ and nothing to see here and silently hope for the cynically promised return of “Great” America.

Some might interpret the Republican plan to replace Obamacare as a version of that. A health bill which takes away mandated coverage for many of the poor disenfranchised voters who have never wavered from Trump’s side. But, to me, that’s just politics in America. Congress and the Republican party are more to blame for that than anyone. In this case, Trump only adopted their ire for Obamacare.

My distaste for and worry about Trump isn’t really about politics. It’s about distrust. Not because I think he’s secretly Putin’s puppet but because he doesn’t tell the truth. Ever. About anything.

The entire Russia scandal is built on the fact that nobody in his campaign could “remember” ever having held meetings with Russians. Trump’s lies are so predictable at this point, all reporters have to do is dig into any concrete statements he makes to find a new story.

Just ask Sessions. He was the first semi-legitimate Congressman to endorse Trump. But because he couldn’t “remember” having a meeting with a Russian, he was cornered into removing himself from the investigation into Trump. And now, the President has decided he is worthless. Sessions wasn’t a strong enough liar, it seems.

But it’s his own fault. Like so many men that endorsed Trump, Sessions saw an opportunity in him to buy his way into real clout and power. That is the quintessential seductiveness of Trump. He offers you what you desire, in exchange for blind and total loyalty. In the past it was poor real estate deals and overpriced steaks and bogus universities, because that is what he had to offer. Now he’s the most powerful man on the planet — it’s a scary thought what he’s offering these days.

And its only a matter of time before Sessions’ political career hastens to a close. For the rest of his crack team of misfits, demagogues and know-nothings, your time will come eventually.