First things first.

As the description says above… I’m an anonymous author who decided to see whether I can successfully self-publish fiction. I’ll be keeping details about the books (and myself) as vague as possible, because I don’t want to link this account to the real me or the author-me. However, I will be very open about marketing techniques, sales figures, income, etc. I wanted a place to talk about that stuff without sounding like a money-grubbing author. Besides, if this thing is going to be interesting or useful to anyone but me, it’s probably necessary.

I’m a fast writer, and to be honest, I’m guessing that it’s possible to sell a reasonable number of self-published books with lower-quality writing than one would need for a traditionally published book. (Though maybe I’ll be wrong!) Amazon has tricks up its sleeve to promote books published through its channels over ones published by other companies, and self-published e-books are typically priced much lower than traditionally published ones, both of which are factors that work in the favor of more poorly-written books. Which is all to say that I haven’t spent years perfecting a piece of art. I’m going to be pumping out words at a pretty steady clip as part of this experiment.

I chose a genre that sells pretty well and has a lot of serial readers — meaning they buy book after book. It’s also a genre that has produced some pretty successful self-published authors. I came up with a concept for a 4-book series; I’ve fully plotted out book 1 and am about 1/3 of the way through writing it, and I have the basic arcs of two of the others and a partial outline for each. The fast writing thing comes in because I’ve been reading a lot of self-publishing tips out there, and many people say that one way to success is to release an entire series in just a few months, so that anyone who finishes and likes the first book can immediately buy the later books, rather than forgetting about you before there’s something else to spend money on. Makes sense to me.

Welcome to my experiment. I’ll post whenever I have something interesting to share.

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