E15: Special SXSW Edition — Welcome to the Jungle…And the Future

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Join the Innovation Engine Sherpas as they provide a behind the scenes tour of the SXSW conference, recently held in Austin, TX. SXSW is an innovator’s playground, chock full of analogous learning opportunities and the chance to see emerging trends in various industries, including healthcare.

There’s BBQ, bread, breakfast tacos and a lot more. Will and Sally discuss the insights gained from their first time, while seasoned attendee Lindsay explained how she played a role in hosting and guiding top leaders in the healthcare industry, so they could optimize their SXSW experience. Trust us, if you haven’t been to SXSW then after hearing this episode you’ll be ready to sign up for next year’s conference. Our apologies to Will and listeners for minor audio issue during the first half. There are times we do try to mute him, but not for our podcast!

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E15: Special SXSW Edition — Welcome to the Jungle…And the Future