Conversation- Dialogue Short Story

“Hey… Avantika come have a seat.”

“Thank You… Chetan.”, she replied and I ordered two cups of coffee.

“So Avantika.. what kind of characters you want me to introduce in my next book.”, I asked her

“See Chetan… I know it would be difficult for you, I want the main protogonist be more dark and edgy, you know to be like be more on evil side. I know the book is a lovestory, I way to be as in to retaliate the unjust for him. You’re understanding what I am trying to say.”, she asked in bit agitation.

“Ofcourse… go on I am listening.”, I replied in anticipation dealing with strange thoughts

“Yes… I was snuffing the character who vows in silent fervor to avenge the past. As the tale continues the woe of revenge is taking a high note.”, she explained her desires and I wrote in my notebook

“Okay… it’s good, I am writing all this …you can see.”, I showed her my notebook

“Thank you Chetan for fulfilling my wants, I see nobody to discuss my thoughts but you.” She repeatedly thanked my well being

“Pleasure is all mine.”, I said it to myself and sipped coffee from both the cups.

You know you’re a writer when you have a fascinating imaginary conversation with the characters of your novel. I love to have a imaginary conversation after day or too, it enhances my creativity and gives me power to explore more.

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