Pull The Trigger

“Pull the trigger”, my bad luck rebounded

“No. Why don’t you stop me?”, I shouted

“Bro… think what you have achieved so far…” “Nothing. bullied guy. fake friends. betrayed lover. jobless. homeless.” “There is nothing good in your life”, he yelled at my future.

I hated my life, I was trapped in the prison of bad luck. I couldn’t make a move, only option I could see is death.

“Yes.. death is the only answer”, He said and passed me a gun.

“Chetan… hold this, target it to your head and pull the trigger”, he agitated

“No I cannot do this”, I turned down his call.

“Chetan.. do this… nothing in this life… it sucks… do have anything in this life worth living for…” he repeated and forced to end my life.

“Chetan… hold this and pull the trigger. Just end your life”, he shouted

It was so hard for me, I couldn’t express myself. I wasn’t going as I as expected, I was sowing down into dark emotions .

“No”, my inner voice rebounded

No. I will not commit suicide, my parents didn’t gave me birth to see me like this.

The real strength lies in the person, dark notions will always notch you and will try to destroy your life. A little positive energy is enough to make the moment happen, to take you out from the dark notions.

Believe In Yourself. Nothing Can Stop You. Don’t Let Your Luck Control Your Life.

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