This Side Please

The human experience is messy. Every single person who lived has gone through sudden level of awkwardness. I set myself through that time, not really me but as an ally who saved a person from hard infringements.

I still remember a day, when I was having dinner with my family. It created a great fuss for me as the food was being served on table but I need to go to the washroom to pee. I got up, setting a excuse for myself I came out of the restaurant to find my way.

I followed directions told by the waiter, I was going to the place by taking a round about. When I was hailing in close, a person came out of the bar. He was drunk unable to control his body swinging in a low to the left and then to the right. He steeply covered my space, and was striving close to the washroom. The person didn’t know the side to the washroom, for men it was the door on the right and for women it was on the left. I don’t know what was going in his mind, he chose to enter the left one. I immediately rebuked him as he tried to enter.

“Hey brother, for men this side please”, I couldn’t control my laughter at that moment, and the person was still confused where to go.

“What happened??”, I said controlling my laugh. Finally, the person capitalized some good intentions and entered the right door as I said.

I certainly not seen any person, being so confused where to go to pee.

After 2–3 minutes, as I was washing my hands the person deftly pushed my arm and said

“Thank you buddy, today you saved me from getting upraid”

I part from the rest and helped him until he way back to his seat.

Sometimes its never to easy to applause the thinking, but you can always chose to share with others about the embarrassing moment.

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