Waiting For You

It’s hard to wait for someone you love. Especially when the one you’re waiting doesn’t know that you’re waiting. But I always hope to see you again, I hope one day you will realize I did truly care for you. I hope you will come back wipe me tears that urged to see you.

One day I see you holding my hands, telling lies about your life. I tell you that no one’s gonna love you truly as I do. I can treat you better, better than any can.

I still know the day I prayed for you. I believed to see you again that I could find hope to be with you- think only about you. My heart swings back and forth, counting infinite reason to love you…

‘I keep trying to stop thinking about, but it isn’t working’,

Wherever you go, what ever you do, one thing can can say is, ‘I’ll be right here waiting for you’.

Waiting is a sign of true love. Anyone can say I love you or I wanna be with you. But not everyone has strength wait and prove. No matter what it takes, true love will never let you down.

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