[Review] Northside Fest: Tubafresh & Mirah @ Baby’s All Right 6.9.17

This review was written by Indie Chill Wave curator Sasha Awn, all photos were taken by Modern Classical curator, Matthew Ström.

Tubafresh, the solo project by Brooklyn-based sousaphonist Chanell Crichlow, energized the crowd the moment she took the mic. Her music, which is a refreshing mix of jazz, R&B and pop, kept us moving, but it was her charisma that won me over. Her most impressive feat of the set? Getting a packed audience to sing along with gusto: “I want that extra syrup.”

Mirah, a complete departure from Tubafresh, kept the crowd engaged with luscious harmonies and quietly thrashing electric guitar. Her recorded music, while wonderful, doesn’t do justice to the power of her vocals in a live setting. She’s a a true artist, evident by the fact that there was no fanfare during her set, only a few jokes and some guest stars (of the former 2 acts Tubafresh & Holy Holy Vine), and yet nothing more was needed. She had us all entranced by the music alone.

What were your Northside 2017 highlights?

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