“A Gift from One with More Love in His Eyes than Anyone”

As this heavenly light passed over Earth, a man who’d passed on was given a gift as he was being given life back.
Ray stands in his garden in 1973 with his little poodle he named, Shadow, at his feet.

This is about a choice God gave to Ray and the gift Ray chose to give to others in love, as it had been given to him

In 1965, Ammie Ray Elkins of Globe, Arizona, suffered serious injury. He was found unconscious behind the wheel of his truck which hung precariously over a precipice, and left for dead. Ray received severe neurological injury, and after a long recovery in the hospital, wasn’t expected to live long. But perhaps God chose him to do other work.

Ray was in and out of hospitals for several years after the wreck and in constant pain. His speech was slurred, his hearing impaired, he’d lost his sense of smell, and he often stumbled with an irregular gait. The injury left him with terrible headaches and dizziness. He would suddenly pass out in what he called “attacks” — motionless epileptic seizures that left him unconscious. He could not speak or be roused. One could not tell if he was breathing. He appeared dead.

For days after, he would be weak and have a severe headache.

It was not unusual for Ray to call his neighbor, Margaret, in the middle of the night and just say, “help.”

One night Ray called, sounding worse than usual. By the time Margaret arrived he was coming to, but was very weak. She gave him his medication and they talked for a few minutes, then Ray went to sleep. As Margaret sat and watched him she dropped off to sleep also.

She saw Ray walking up a very long staircase into pink and silver-white clouds. As he neared the top he was handed a gift; she could not see the gift or who gave it to him, but she knew who it was.

She awakened fully with a start, thinking she had seen Ray go up the stairs to heaven and be admitted. She thought he would be dead. Instead he was awake. He had no pain, and was not even weak. Though it was a very severe attack, Ray was able to get up the next day and work on the apartment that he was remodeling. That was unusual.

Ray and Margaret were married in October, 1969, and returned to Globe. Ray continued to have “attacks,” which Margaret and her parents were afraid would kill him. One night when a seizure was especially bad Ray woke and banged his fists on the wall and screamed, “God let me die, I can’t take this pain!” When Margaret was getting the medication she promised that if God would take the pain from Ray she would do anything He asked of her.

Ray remembers, “No sooner had I finished my prayer than I found myself leaving my body. For the first time in years I felt no pain….

“I saw before me a great plane where there were many people standing. The crowd parted, making a path for me to approach one seated in their midst.

“All I can remember is his eyes. His eyes held a look of great compassion and greater love than I have ever seen in my life.

“He spoke no words, words were not needed. “Then I felt him give me a gift. I had the choice to remain where I was or to return back to my body. If I returned to my body, I must give the gift to others in the same manner of love it was given to me — freely, asking nothing in return. Nothing would be changed. I would never gain anything from the gift. And I would even face ridicule because of it.

“I did not know what the gift was. I only knew that in those eyes I had found one whom I could trust as I had never trusted anyone in my life.”

Ray chose to return.

“I do not know how I returned to my body, but I woke up feeling hungry, and I felt better than I had felt in a very long time.”

When he awakened, those around him were already saddened by his death and had called an ambulance, Ray says.

And so, his life began again.

For a long time, Ray still did not know what the gift was.

A new comet appeared in the sky in 1969 that became visible through telescopes near Christmas. As it passed over the Earth on March 26, it became one of the most spectacular comets of the century. From late March through April, 1970, its brilliant light shone in the east for all to see. With this light from the heavens, the spiritual messengers of God arrived upon Earth. They began to speak through an unconscious man, Ray, to the world, from a town appropriately named, Globe.

In late March, 1970, Ray fell unconscious in a way unlike the epileptic blackouts he’d had since his accident in 1965. “I began mumbling in different tones and in voices than my normal ones.” During the seizures that followed Ray continued to mumble.

Margaret couldn’t understand what he said, but when he woke he would tell of things he had seen. Most of them would actually happen.

As time passed the mumbling became words, but Margaret was always so afraid he would die that she didn’t listen to what he was saying. “A person close to me decided to record these mumbling,” Ray says. Margaret’s mother, Dorothy, suggested that she record what was said so they could hear it later. Perhaps the neurologist would like to hear. Margaret said, ok, but didn’t think of it again for weeks.

Then one night Ray came into the house and headed straight for the bedroom; she followed from the kitchen. He fell and just barely made it to the bed. Terrified, Margaret screamed, “Ray! Ray! Are you all right?”

A voice through Ray spoke to her and said, “Not Ray.” She remembered the recorder and asked if she could go after it. The voice said, “Yes, we will wait.” When she returned she again asked if Ray was all right, and the voice responded.

Ray describes it. “Turning on a tape recorder, she spoke my name. At this point the voice said, ‘Not Ray,’ and later told her how to awaken me.”

The first words she heard, on April 3, 1970, were as Ray fell onto the sofa into a coma-like seizure, unconscious. His wife called out as the six-foot-four, 40-year-old Ray Elkins collapses.“Ray?”

“Not Ray,” a voice shispers.

“Not Ray,” she asks. “Who then?”

She quickly turns on a hand-held tape recorder her mother had lent. Ray had recently begun mumbling during these “attacks.”This had never happened since his severe brain injury five years before when Ray was found unconscious in his pickup truck. She hoped the neurologist could understand.

(But he didn’t. He said he’d never seen anything like this before, but he believed it was real.)

The whisper grows stronger, with such love. “Body — soul — spirit — God! Many worlds — many universes — many galaxies, like pebbles on a beach; so vast. Each galaxy set up for man’s expansion.”

“Which is most important?”


“Who is God?” She asks as she feels such a strong spiritual presence in the room, “An entity?”

“God…is…….everything.” Through all time and space, the whisper speaks from all there is.

“Not one thing?”

“Not one thing, but everything.”

The whisper grows stronger. In love so great it cannot be uttered is said this word, “God is…….is God!”

Margaret sits back, awed, “Who do you want to tell me about?”

“In the beginning — in the beginning God gave man spirit because he was lonely. Then man’s spirit was not enough, because spirit always knew of God — in spirit — so many spirits — so many, many spirits.

“Then God thought, ‘I SHOULD [MAKE] MAN, FOR I HAVE USE [FOR] THIS….’

Before, before there were many gods, like our God; before [the two] worlds, many worlds….”

“Why can’t I call you Ray?”

“Ray is of this plane. I, by my name who speak through him…there to guide him, that others may learn through him, that they may learn a way to God….”

“His missions and my mission are to bring man back to God.

“For when he awakens he will have new knowledge that he has not had before, for he will be able to think of things I have thought of and to think knowledge — will be closer to God. Closer to God.”

During this first experience, Margaret felt as she had before when she saw Ray walk up the stairs and receive the gift — apprehension, reverence, fear for Ray’s safety.

She was assured that Ray was safe. Then she was told how to wake him. She wanted to be certain to record these instructions. Since she didn’t know how much tape was left, she rewound it as far as she could before the voice started to tell her how to bring Ray out of his sleep. The instructions reminded her of hypnosis that she’d used in beauty school to study for her tests.

When Ray woke up he was rested and was able to go to the dinner table that night, which was unusual after an “attack.” He was able to work the next day. But neither of them could get the voice out of their minds.

Three days later, April 6, 1970, the voice again speaks through Ray.

His wife asks, “Can you tell us who you are?”

“My name is Aka.”

“Why do you come to us?”

“I do not come to you.”

“Who do you come to?” “I come to Ray.”

“What do you want Ray to know?”

“To bring his flock to God.”

Ray’s mother-in-law, Dorothy, who was sitting in the living room listening, recalls that she looked around the room, wondering, “What flock?” All she saw was her husband, daughter, and Ray’s best friend. Little did she know that over the years, thousands of people would flock to Ray’s front door asking for guidance and healing, because of this gift who was speaking through Ray’s unconscious body.

After more is said, Ray’s wife asks, “Does your coming hurt Ray’s body?”

“No. Shall improve Ray’s body and mind. I am he and he is I, for I was reborn at time as he. For we are one….”

“Also, the great Sword is here.”

“Where?” she asked, turning around to look.

“It is a cutting sword of land and masses. The earth’s axis is changing. Where it was hot — where it was hot it shall become colder. Where it was dry it shall become wetter. Where there no water flows, water shall flow, because water is the spirit….”

“Many messages. Many souls. You may ask questions of any subject as long as permission is given from the soul. Only way to give details is if soul has permission and really needs help — both mental for the soul and physical for the body.

“Am growing weak; is time to awaken Ray from his slumber.”

For the next 30 years of Ray’s life, thousands would come to hear these words and receive spiritual guidance and healing of body, soul and spirit, as Ray sought to give this gift to others in the same manner of love it had been given to him.

You can listen to some of the recordings here. Select the first playlist, “The WORDS — Listen to the Spiritual Messengers of God.”

The next day, April 7, 1970, Ray still didn’t know what the gift was. He was just thankful to find a way to reduce his pain that at times had been so bad he’d even begged God to take him, to let him die. Nothing else had helped Ray, not medications, nor anything doctors could offer him. His mother-in-law had suggested the hypnotist be invited to come, to put Ray into trance so he could return to that place where he’d been when his pain was gone.

After the induction (as Ray walked up a stairway to stand with God), the new voice again spoke from Ray’s sleeping body, “Aka, of before, am here.”

“Odka is your name?”

“Aka –“


“ — is my name,” the spiritual messenger from God answered him.

“Thank you. I’m Rod.”

After giving guidance to Rod, Aka said: “Think of God, our Father, as though pebbles from a brook. Think of God and ye shall find peace….”

“Soul Ray is not sure, even yet. He, together with others, shall build again God’s temple upon earth….”

“All knowledge is but at ye bidding. If you have permission of a soul, ask of any subject and you shall know through I.”

“Aka,” Rod asked. “Isn’t it better if it comes from my soul?”

“Your souls shall bind as one, as did Christ, who was sent not to change, but to bring and prove what had been before.” [See Jesus’ words in the New Testament, including his farewell prayer in John, chapters 13-17.]

“In this time, in the turmoil of man, ye shall see once again, only in a different way, in a different plane, of Christ, of God, our Lord, our Father.” [See Zechariah, chapters 12–14, and The Revelation, chapters 4–9 and 19–22.]

When Ray walked up the stairway to God again the next day, April 8, 1970, the voice spoke as it had before. “Aka shall speak of thy Father, but you have knowledge of the great Sword. The great Sword is here. It cuts from both sides, it cuts from the past to the present; it is one [with, it is] all. For our Father has shown this Sword before to man, yet he did not heed.

“Now — not now, our Father says, but soon; it has begun to strike — our Father, who gave up His son, as we are His son and His daughter, we who walk of earth, of many earths, of many galaxies, of many worlds, of many planets, that our spirit shall travel and hover above all, to enter, as He gave us our free will, to enter by choice, for some. For some, there shall be never. For some, there shall be many, For some, our Father weeps, as He weeps now. [He had begun breathing heavily, sobbing.] For He — [sobbing] — He would cry –” [He sobbed so deeply, as an angel weeps to feel God’s love for us.]

“Easy boy…..We would like to know more about you, Aka. Who and what are you? And how do you operate?”

“I am of many. Our Father has seen fit to [call] not one, but many souls shall gather and speak through I for this mission. He says thy shall know, when the time is right, and when your number shall gather…of thy one, of thy three. [ He breathes heavily as greater spirit enters]. Then thy shall know thy purpose and thy mission complete, for as thy temple builds, one by one, and two by two, and three by three, so shall the temple of God build on this earth. All thy spirits are gathered tonight to pass through, through thy spirit, Ray — through thy spirit, Ray! [Then comes an accepting sigh]–– ¥es, through thy spirit, Ray.

He shall answer your questions as I. What other questions have you?…”

“Did I understand you correctly, Aka, you are many spirits?”

“Yes, this is true. For as the pebbles of thy brook, so are the spirits of God, as thy pebbles of thy rivers are the pebbles and the spirits of man, as thy pebbles of thy ocean are thy souls of man upon this vast — not one universe, not one, but so vast, so many, so great, and so beautiful….”

The hypnotist asked, “When I asked you about letting knowledge come from inside, rather than from an outside source, you said there would be a binding of the souls to prove something. I am not entirely clear on what it was. Could you explain that?”

“As I have said before, as though my soul has bound, so shall yours. You shall bind and build into Thirteen. But mark my words well, it can only build as long as each member is in accord with God’s work and God’s plan. Do not misinterpret my words. Do not twist them to suit thy own or other’s own bidding, for my words can only be used for God’s bidding. Can you understand this, soul Rod?”

[See Acts, chapter 1 and 2:1–28.]

“I think the phrase in meditation, ‘Thy will be done,’ [as you] said?”

“Yes. On earth, so shall it be in heaven….”

Aka ended with this: “Now I have a message from God, our Father. ‘LISTEN WELL, MY CHILDREN. WALK THY STRAIGHT AND TRUE. I LOVE THEE.’”

When Aka spoke again on April 13, 1970, Rod asked, “I wondered if you might tell me if there is any relationship between the comet which appeared in the east a couple of weeks ago and your coming?”

“For, in God’s plan — as I have told you before, that God’s soul is like the pebbles of a brook, that man’s spirit is like the pebbles of a river, that man’s soul is like the pebbles of an ocean — in God’s plan, not only here, but in many places in thy world, thy coming has been announced, thy coming of the mighty Sword and its meaning, the Sword which cuts two ways and both sides shall cut. If thy should read of the book of Revelation, think thee of thy horse, for now is the time of the red horse, and his passing is for all men to see.” [See The Revelation 6:3–4, and 19:11–16.]

If man heeds God’s warning and should see from the light in the sky, then God may take His many children to His mansions and weep no more. As I have told you before of one by one, and two by two, and three by three, that thy groups shall number, always as Thirteen and Thirteen to repeat and repeat again, as it has done from the beginning of time.” [See Acts, chapters 1 and 2.]

Then my mission, and I who have many souls should say with all their consent (loving chuckle), there should be no reason for me, for then God’s temple shall be built in all the souls of man, and therefore, the other seals should not be opened. And then thy reign of the Lord upon this earth shall go for a thousand years, and take from the earth — as we built the block in Ray’s mind, so should the block be in all souls of the world. Can you understand this?” [See The Revelation, chapters 6–8, 14, 19–22.]

“I can understand the block, that is very necessary. The Thirteen, I would like a little more explanation on….” Rod answered.

“When thy think of the number, Thirteen — thirteen to God, [seven] to God, and then there was four. And then we cast from thy heavens those who were not deserving. Yet this had to be restored. So, in Christ’s time this was restored once again. But then, thy chain was broken once again.” [See The Revelation 4:5–8, and chapter 12, John 12:18–35, 14:27–31, and Acts 1:15–26.]

“Now, we shall try and restore it once more on this plane of yours. Should we succeed, then thy planes ahead and thy planes behind shall meet as one in God’s mansion. And God shall weep no more.” [See The Revelation 21:1–8, 22–27, and 22:6, 12–17, and Acts 1:2–11]

That night, astronauts on Apollo 13 took this photo of the Western U.S. as they passed over about 8 p.m. The pathway through parted clouds shows the way in which the spiritual messengers of God arrived upon Earth about that time on April 13, 1970, to speak the words you just read, from a town appropriately named, Globe.

Neither Ray’s wife, the hypnotist, nor friends listening understood what was happening to Ray. Ray only knew that this would ease his painful headaches when he walked up the ladder to God. Ray did fully understand for a long, long time. Could the one with such love in his eyes whom Ray stood before after he died, who then gave Ray this gift, be the Lamb — who was, and is, and is to come — the Lamb who breaks the seals on the Book of Life? Only our Father knows. And the spiritual messengers he asked God to send know.

May we ask our Father, each in his or her own way, that many things prophesied that can be brought on by man will not happen. We are guided that it is our loving Father’s will that we build a new heaven and a new earth upon this Earth — that we prepare a place for a thousand years of peace upon Earth (and each day shall be, not as man counts, but as God counts)––that we prepare a place within ourselves first for the coming of the Messiah, so we will know him when he comes.

In the first two weeks of their coming, the spiritual messengers of God announced that they have come, not to change the Laws or the prophecies, but to show man their fulfillment for this time.

“We have come but for one purpose, and that is for the preparation for the coming of the Messiah. And we say unto you, all of you, open your door that we might enter, and therefore, there can be a place prepared within each of you for his coming.” (December 29, 1972)


“New words shall be written upon the sky, but they must be written in men’s hearts first.” (The spiritual messengers of God, December 1, 1972)

Read all of the messages that Aka, spiritual messengers of God, spoke from 1970 to 1989. Please see amazon.com/author/assoc.universal.philosophy.

See “A Stairway to Heaven” or listen to some of the first recordings, just as they were spoken.

Follow the association the spiritual messengers of God asked to be formed, Association of Universal Philosophy, on Facebook, or see it on Google+, and @UniversalPhilos on Twitter.

Please ask how you can join in this association with spiritual messengers of God. Contact AUniversalPhilosophy@gmail.com

The words of Aka are copyrighted © 2000 by A. Ray Elkins, Globe, Arizona

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