What was it like to listen to spiritual messengers of God?

What was it like?

It was 8 p.m. Friday evening. People gathered around A. Ray Elkins’s living room, sitting quietly in chairs along the perimeter, or on the floor, closer to where Ray sat in his recliner in the east corner. All had waited expectantly for this moment, some in prayer, some meditating, some whose hearts were pounding, wondering how it would soon be to sit before angels and hear them speak, perhaps directly to them. All tried to be in one accord, as God would have them be, asking His spiritual messengers to come. Some knew the feeling of their presence as they thought of God, then of Aka; they meditated to welcome their arrival in Ray’s body and into the room.

The lights were dimmed. The phone was taken off the hook and the front door locked to prevent any noisy intrusions that might bring Ray out of trance. Ray had set aside his personal thoughts and calmed his mind throughout the day in preparation, opening his whole being more and more to God. As Ray lay back in his recliner a hush filled the room. All silently prayed.

Ray — in his mind’s eye, or soul — walked out of his body up a stairway, a bright column of light, astrally projecting himself up — up through the stars, so far — through galaxies and all planes of being — through the universes into greater and greater love, to stand with God. The light of God grew brighter and brighter until it was all Ray could see. As he took that last step, which is much like many report in dying, a council of spiritual messengers who dwell so close to our Father came down through that infinite column of light — through universes, galaxies, and worlds beyond worlds, entering into all time and space — and filling the stars above as they hovered over Ray’s home, to enter into Ray’s body and say, “Aka is here.”

We who were meditating could already feel the vast presence of God’s messengers filling the room as they entered into our hearts to guide us, even before they spoke.

Ray’s friend, who sat beside him to read the people’s questions, said, “Good evening, Aka. Where is Ray?”

“Soul Ray stands with God,” came the answer.

For that half hour or more that Ray gave up his body to allow immeasurably vast, loving spiritual messengers of God (angels) speak to us and to mankind, heaven and earth became one in the room. The words that were spoken were not just words — many miracles were given as the words were said. Healing was given of body, soul and spirit; prophecies were spoken showing fulfillment of scriptures. But the greatest miracle of all was showing us to know heaven and earth through their eyes, and become one with those who stand so close to God, in the preparation for the coming of the Messiah. This is their gift they will give you today as you read their words. For they are still here.

When Ray’s body tired and the spiritual messengers departed it to return through the galaxies, and the heavens, and the infinite beyond time and space to stand with God, Ray returned back into his body and to life here. Yet, the vast spirit God sends from closest to His heart still hovered over the house, filling the stars and filling our souls as we looked up in awe and felt the presence of God’s messengers looking directly into us. Surely this was much as the shepherds tending their flocks by night must have felt when the angel of the Lord appeared unto them to tell of the Messiah’s coming. For no less were these moments, and no less precious — as is the time now, this short time before he comes.

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