Gratitude & Beer

After just over one week of being live we have learnt a lot and i have a huge amount of gratitude for every single person that has seen, talked about, upvoted, tweeted, emailed anything to do with

There are limited ways to physically show how grateful you are to people that talk about your startup but trying to make that gratitude known is something i absolutely strive for. This story shows how defaulting to gratitude and putting in the extra effort to show it pays off.

Twitter is in an invaluable tool when launching a startup, it allows you to engage with people that you have no connection to and add value to their conversations. We regularly check Twitter for mentions of our brand name and following one of our checks we came across the following tweet:

To which Wayne’s reply was:

This is where i stepped in:

I was over the moon to learn that Wayne had mentioned us to Aaron at a digital event, that is one of the best places our product could possibly be getting exposure — naturally i wanted to express how much i appreciated it (you can see the thread here)

I engaged with the guys and offered to help out with anything i could which is where my opportunity came to go that little bit extra and do something that would show my appreciation.

Bazinga! I know what i can do — i can get these guys a cold one! I clicked through to Aarons profile and the first image i saw was:

I of course knew who Brewdog were (they are awesome check them out) so i did a little more digging to see where Wayne and Aaron were, Nottingham. Google “Brewdog Nottingham!” Boom! There is a Brewdog bar in Nottingham.

I got in touch with @BrewDogNotts on Twitter and they were absolutely awesome, i gave them a call and paid on two pints of Brewdog IPA for Wayne and Aaron to enjoy next time they were able to get down to the bar.

Brewdog and myself confirmed to the guys on Twitter that they had two juicy beers waiting for them:

Both Wayne and Aaron expressed their delight:

well this is the best Friday on twitter ever — Wayne
thanks Lee! Best Friday indeed — Aaron

It meant so much to us that we were being talked about and it felt even better to be able to show exactly how much we appreciated it, in the form of beer.

A big thank you to both Wayne and Aaron for firstly talking about but also continuing to engage which allowed me to sort out the beers. Secondly i would like to thank Brewdog and @BrewDogNotts for helping us make this happen.

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