A Starving World
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A Starving World

Zero Hunger

In this blog post, I will write about the sustainability goal of “Zero Hunger.” This blog will tackle all aspects to inform the public of why most of the world is going hungry. Not only why, but the blog will also introduce certain solutions backed by evidence and statistics on how the globe together can reach this goal.

Some Questions That Will Be Answered Throughout The Blog:

How much of the world’s population is going through malnutrition?

What are some of the causes of “hunger?”

How can the world together change or improve certain aspects of everyday life to reach this goal?

Why Does The Goal Of “Zero Hunger” Interest Me?

This topic and the questions that ponder along with it interest me because we all know someone who has had this issue. If you do not know someone who has ever experienced prolonged hunger then you have experienced it on some platform of television or social media. I am sitting here today writing this blog because I have experienced hunger. My family escaped their birth country to immigrate to America to avoid something we take for granted which was a guaranteed supply of food. My friends from certain parts of Africa and Asia I’ve met here in America have the same story to tell.

Who Would Benefit From Reading The Blog?

A life goal of mine was always to see a world with big smiles and filled stomachs. To enjoy a world where no one must escape hunger. This blog can benefit those in the health field, researchers of global hunger, and anyone who wants to be informed on how the other side of the world lives. The goal of “zero hunger” has made progress but has been combatted by the global pandemic (COVID-19). The negative statistics have done nothing but increase. Food sources have plummeted all around the world making it that much more difficult for third world countries to access food daily and a clean water supply.

The Issue With Hunger Is Larger Than Just Not Having Food To Eat

The shortage of food supply has a chain effect on many other things essential to life that people do not realize. Those who go through malnutrition have negative correlations with education, employment, and overall health. Not having access to at least three meals a day makes it difficult to have that mental energy to go to school to learn or to work a full eight-hour shift. Aside from this, a person’s overall health is also neglected. Not having the right nutrients can cause many health issues and create a weak immune system. This makes the spread of disease spread much faster and causes rapid premature death amongst populations. As you can see hunger is a major issue that must be acted upon for the livelihood of future generations!



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Mourad Mourad

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