A Story About a Playground

Image by Brandon Couch | Found via unsplash.com

A place of your own. A space for yourself, for your shelves loaded with books and empty cds waiting to be filled with secretly recorded conversations. A universe of you. You, expanding, you, imploding, you, an innumerable amount of stars. A place where you can play. Where your only responsibility is to occupy space. Have you had that dream yet? Where a banished prince is trying to teach you how to love your friend? How to forget the pain of your past and love yourself? Have you had those thoughts yet? Swinging back and forth, a little lost, a little girl, looking forward, falling back, being pushed and pulled, staring up, clinging tightly to cold plastic covered chains, sending twisted energy into the sky. The world spinning around her, the trees transforming from solid and strong to as blurred and wispy as the wind. The world upside down, blood rushing to her face, hands not willing to let go. A place of your own, to play in, the world out of sight.