A Story About the Galaxy

Gif from giphy.com

When you try to define it, when you try to hold it, when you try to squeeze meaning out of it, when you try to catch it in a butterfly net made of light, when you try to paint it on a black canvas, when you try to sleep with it, when you try to distribute it evenly, when you try to list all of its qualities, when you try to churn it into ice cream, when you misplace it, when you leave it outside in the rain, when you let it dry in the sun, when you don’t try to understand it and just try to feel it, when you let it go, when you think about its movements, when you mimic its sounds, when you trace the love through its veins, when you follow the pills down its throat, when you personify it, when you vilify it, when you can’t sound out its pronunciation, when you misinterpret it, when you race it across the street, when you throw it at your lover, when you yell its name into the ocean, when you let it rock you like a baby.

Where it ends and where you begin, where you find peace, where you feel smooth like river tumbled stones, where you want nothing but to smile and feel light, where you float, where you have no need for a voice, where your energy multiples and glows amber, where ideas are only ideas, where you sigh and sigh and cry only happy tears, where time moves slowly enough for you to understand, where you belong.