How I lost over 70 pounds in a year

As you read that title you may be wondering, “what is he trying to sell me?” Or “Mmhmmm”. Well don’t worry, this isn’t one of those article. It isn’t even one of those cheesy how I got to where I got. I’m writing this for you, so you know how to do what I did. At the beginning of my journey I was 250 pounds, now a year later I’m down to 180 pounds. Pretty amazing right? So how did I do it? Well the secret is cutting sugar from your diet. The AHA (American Heart Association) recommends 6 teaspoons of sugar for women and 9 teaspoons for men daily. That’s not a lot of sugar, and when you think about everything is in sugar. So how do you eat, what do you eat more importantly?

You want to eat food with higher dietary fiber than sugar. Take fruit juice as an example. Fruit juice is supposedly healthy for you, but it isn’t. This is because it’s from concentrate, and that means the fibers are taken out of the drink, and you are left with the nice sugary fruit drink your kids love so much. You now may be asking, how is fruit healthy though? It has fiber to balance out the sugar and slow down the digestive process so your body doesn’t absorb as much sugar as it would without the fiber.

There’s one thing left, the not so fun thing, but a thing you don’t have to do as often. Exercise! Yes, exercise it’s important to your health and your diet. I’m not saying go to the gym everyday because I sure as hell don’t, and I don’t even go every week. I usually work out around five times a month or more when the weather gets better.

These are the two things you can do to lose weight. You have the capability, you just need the effort and motivation.