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A&T TALK Issue 1 — Summary

【Chain war 2.0|Who will win in 2022? 】01\14\2022

Guest Introduction:

- @toddz_crypto: Researcher of A&T Capital.

- @Dominator0081: Core Development Engineer at Celer Network.

- @CryptooSpecter: Co-founder of OwnershipLabs, Partner of BTCU.

- @nake13: Independent researcher.

- @bitouq: Youtuber KOL.

- @zeroonerobin: Founder of zero one.

1. Any innovations in L1s recently?

@Dominator0081: It’s hard to have any breakthrough in the current industry while blockchain is becoming modularized. Less innovation emerges in the base layer, whereas more in the areas such as the combination of modules, the design of UI, and innovation among upper and application levels. Only the minority consider a brand-new design as necessary.

2. How to protect privacy through bottom — layer innovations?

@Dominator0081: While current technology can only keep transaction details unidentifiable (e.g. hiding transaction address and amount), there is still no fundamental innovation.

@CryptooSpecter: For example, in encrypting, Avalanche chooses TE, and CKB uses custom privacy directives.

3. What is the next theme of chain battle?

@nake13: Innovations on Ethereum will still be the main topic. Although Solana grew rapidly last year, it still doesn’t make much sense to have another similar blockchain just like Solana. We still need to make more efforts on technology innovations (instead of just some trivial application layer changes).

@toddz_crypto: we can consider this from the done side, the demand side, I believe the application innovations will lead to the development of chains. For instance, the development of gamefi has already forced the innovations of ‘gamefi specific chain’.

@zeroonerobin: For developers, new products are actually what they want to build. It will be quite boring if we simply migrate a dapp from layer 1 to layer 2. The most exciting thing that we are expecting in 2022 is that more and more Web2 developers will join us in Web3. The crypto market as a whole will move rapidly as well. In the meantime, however, we will definitely hear more and more different voices, face more and more new opportunities, which will make it more difficult for developers to stay focused on their work.

@bitouq: I think most innovations are still goanna happen on Ethereum. Personally, I am looking forward to the development of Cosmos and Polkadot. The market is expecting something different; people are kind of getting bored with EVM. Users need fresh experiences, but the status of Etheruem is still difficult to shake, which leads an unfair situation — new things need to fit the old habits of users.

4. What new trends are happening?

@D: From my perspective, it is the integration of web2 and web3. Web3 forces web2 to change. Currently, not many supports from web2 are seen in web3. We are still using plug-ins to interact with web3 Dapps. Browsers should have their own blockchain wallet instead of using a metamask plug-in. There are some good examples, CKB can support email login, but the private key is still in the hands of the user, so I would prefer to see web2 embracing the use of web3.

@CryptooSpecter: The architecture of the future blockchains is more likely to be layered and sharded. The logic of the avalanche setting is very clever. It can also generate application chains on the platform chain like Polkadot. I feel that the application chain of Avalanche will also see its own “summer” next year. In addition, blockchains with zkp tech like mina may also be a big thing next year.

5. What factors should developers consider when choosing a chain?

@CryptooSpecter: Try to invest heavily in ETH, Solana is also worth considering since it attracts a huge amount of investment. Investors may also consider ICP recently because ICP is a brand new thing. But it is also inconvenient for developers while ICP is not fully open-sourced.

6. In the new year, chains worth investing in?

Near: The developer team has a strong tech background, the sharding protocol is well designed, and the current valuation is low. While there are still some points that need to be noticed, like its development is relatively slow, and the experience of using Rainbow Bridge is not so well. But we are seeing more and more fundraising happening in Near. About sharding, this has not been implemented while the market demand size is not there yet (over 1000 TPS requirements).

Solana: The market always need a non-EVM blockchain to try some potential besides Ethereum paradigm, and Solana has the best fundament in this track: really high TPS offers a great user experience while new users don’t care about decentralization and the bottom structure of the chain.

7. Who will be the winner of the new chain in the new year?

@nake13: Arweave.

@Dominator0081: L2.

@toddz_crypto: Arweave, under the trend of Web3. While ETH can’t solve data storage and asynchronous call pretty well with the current paradigm, Arweave is more suitable for Web3 applications with more complicated data types and large storage needs.



- @toddz_crypto: A&T Capital研究员。

- @Dominator0081:Celer Network的核心开发工程师。

- @CryptooSpecter: Co-founder of OwnershipLabs, BTCU社区合伙人。

- @nake13:独立研究员。

- @bitouq: Youtuber KOL。

- @zeroonerobin: Zero one founder。


@Dominator0081 :区块链进入模块化,大的东西没有特别大的突破。最底层的东西没有出现新的东西,创新更多在模块化的组合、UM设计的,上层的和应用层的创新。最底层从头设计共识的很少。

2. 从底层技术上(比如存储)如何保障链上交易的隐私?

@Dominator0081 支付上能实现地址和金额的隐私。但是没有在底层的创新。

@CryptooSpecter :Avalanche使用的TE方案,CKB使用的自定义隐私指令,对隐私进行加密。

3. 下一波公链大战的主题?


@toddz_crypto :从需求端出发。应用层使得公链发生改变,比如gamefi,会倒逼gamefi专用链的发展。

@zeroonerobin :对一个开发者来讲,更希望出现新的产品产生,如果是L1的产品进入L2,那就太无聊了,2022年最重要的事情是web2的开发者进入web3,或者出现更多新的产品,但是市场发展的太快了,干扰的声音太多,使得很多开发者没有办法沉淀下来开发产品。

@bitouq :创新的产品还是发生在以太坊上的,公链的创新对目前defi产品的创新是没有太大的变化。比较期待的变化是Cosmos和Polkdot,出现更多新鲜东西可能目前我们对EVM还是有点审美疲劳,用户是需要新鲜感的,但以太坊地位仍然很难受撼动,新的东西要迎合旧的习惯。

4. 公链故事有哪些新的趋势正在发生?




@CryptooSpecter :未来公链的架构已经确定是分层加分片,Avalanche的逻辑设定是非常巧妙的,在平台链上也可以像波卡一样生成应用链,感觉Avalanche的应用链在明年也会爆发。


5. 开发者在选择公链中有什么考虑因素?

@CryptooSpecter :尽量在ETH上,Solana投资力度大,也考虑Solana,最近也可能考虑ICP,因为ICP是一个全新的东西,但是ICP不开源也是一件不舒服的事情。

6. 新的一年,值得投资的公链?



7. 公链之争的终局是什么?新的一年新公链谁会成为王者?

@nake13 :Arweave

@Dominator0081 :L2

@toddz_crypto :Arweave,Web3的趋势下,以太坊没办法解决数据储存、一步调用,Arweave更适合应用。



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