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Amber: Future Gateway To Crypto Finance

Amber Group is a leading global crypto finance service provider operating around the world and around the clock with a presence in Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, and Vancouver. Founded in 2017, Amber Group services over 500 institutional clients and has cumulatively traded over $500 billion across 100+ electronic exchanges, with over $1.5 billion in assets under management. In 2021, Amber Group raised $100 million in Series B funding and became the latest FinTech unicorn valued at over $1 billion.

Founded by finance professionals from Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and Bloomberg, Amber has grown to become the leading crypto finance provider in Asia. At the same time, Amber is dedicated to providing its users with licensed and secured services by spending more than 25% of its operating budget on the security infrastructure.

Amber’s rapid growth rate in recent years is backed by the stability of its financial products, helping individual users and institutions to avoid periodic market volatility(quite common to the crypto market)in the long run. As more and more speculators and are being drawn into the market, Amber would serve the interests of incoming value investors and long-term holders.

We at A&T Capital are proud to be among a selected group of investors that realizes the value Amber brings to the table and we look forward to Amber’s continuing growth to the next level.

Backed by a world leading fintech giant and other institutional investors, A&T Capital is uniquely positioned to support promising decentralised digital age start-ups to realize their full disruptive potential.

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