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Flash Fiction: The Scoop

In response to A Taste For Life’s weekly challenge: Ice Cream

Image credit: Sebastian Coman Photography on Unsplash

‘Do you have anything dairy-free?’

‘All of our traditional flavours are made with the richest cream from the neighbouring dairy, but we do have some sorbet here at the end. Our raspberry sorbet is a particular specialty. We grow the berries organically in conjunction with the phases of the moon and hand pick them as soon as they ripen.’

‘Hm, I don’t really like the seeds in raspberries. Are there seeds in that sorbet?’

‘Yes, we don’t pick out all of the individual raspberry seeds.’

‘In that case, so you have any other good sorbet flavours?’

‘We also have this light lemon sorbet that fizzes on your tongue. Again we grow the lemons organically along the drive you came up on. See all of those beautiful trees in full bloom? It’s the perfect time of the year for harvesting fresh lemons.’

‘Is it a bit sour though? I can’t eat anything that’s sour.’

‘We balance the lemons’ natural sourness and acidity with sugar, so this particular sorbet is both sweet and sour. Otherwise, it would just be too sweet.’

‘I see. I won’t like the sour bit. Not at all. What other flavours do you have?’

‘We also have a sorbet flavour that is very popular with the locals. It’s crisp apple. We use lovingly grown apples from the orchard down the road. And we only use Pink Lady apples in our recipe. We used to use Granny Smith but they were perhaps too tart, so we moved towards a sweeter variety and the result is very refreshing.’

‘Pink Lady apples are very sweet. Is this sorbet sweet?’

‘Yes, it’s beautifully balanced, but is on the sweeter side. There’s no sourness at all for you.’

‘Hm, it sounds like it will just be too sweet for me. I don’t like sweet apples. Do you have anything else?’

‘Well, the last sorbet flavour we have is a very special flavour, but I don’t think you’d like that either.’

‘Oh I might! What is the flavour?’

‘It’s quite a bland flavour, not too sour or too sweet or in any way bitter. It’s perhaps a bit on the plain side for you. But it is a house specialty. You won’t find this on the menu at any other ice cream store.’

‘This sounds wonderful! Can I try some? You know, to make sure I like it?’

‘Of course. I have to go out the back for it though, because it’s, you know, very unique and special. We only make a small amount so I can’t advertise it here otherwise everyone would want some.’

‘I can’t wait to try this.’

‘Well, what do you think?’

‘It’s cooling, refreshing, and has a perfect balance of all the flavours I like. This is incredible! I’ve never tasted anything like it. How much of this do you have?’

‘Well I can serve up a cup for you today, and if you come back tomorrow I can make more. But we can only serve this in small portions here, there’s no take-home option. We’re scared someone will replicate our secret recipe.’

‘Oh yes, I understand completely. Well I’ll take one cup now and I’ll definitely be back for more. Maybe even tomorrow. This stuff is heavenly. What is the flavour so I can ask for it next time?’

‘We call it something simple so again no one can copy our recipe. But if you come back and ask for this by name, whoever is behind the counter will know exactly what you mean and get you one.’

‘I’ll make sure not to say the name too loud then. So that you don’t sell-out before I get a serve. So tell me, what is this called?’



‘Yes. Just Ice.’

‘Ice. Ok, I’ll remember that. One Ice please.’

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