Making Biscuits for Dummies, like Me

My Creative Project

My sister, Anna Claire, is a fabulous cook. She would always wake up at the crack of dawn with my grandmother and help make breakfast for everyone in the house. Claire would give up her afternoons to help make lunch and her evenings to make dinner. I, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with the kitchen. It never made a difference to me how the food was made, what recipes were followed, and, as embarrassing as it is, the effort that went into the food prepared.

This project has opened my eyes to a whole world of what it means to cook recipes that have been passed down for generations. Not only does it keep traditions alive, but it creates nostalgia that links the generations together. By learning to cook as my grandmother does, I will be able to remember her words and actions through the recipes I know she followed diligently.

I found that the most meaningful creative project I could do for myself and my grandmother is to truly learn how to cook one of her famous recipes: Buttermilk Biscuits. I asked my grandmother if she would teach me how to do it and if she minded if I took a video too. She was ecstatic with the idea, so we made a video featuring her youngest sister, my Aunt Mildred, as well.

How to Make Biscuits

20 Minutes Later…..

The Final Product

As my grandmother and I enjoyed our very fresh biscuits, I realized how truly grateful I am for this part of my family. Being able to share this skill with my grandmother and see how happy it makes her, is priceless. Until this project I had no concrete understanding of how food brings together a family. On the surface, we all come together to eat at the dinner table. For my family this means gathering for the prayer and eating together. What I did not realize was that it not only bring us together to eat, but it brings us together to cook in the first place.

Cooking not only brings together the family members who are helping cook, but also the ancestors that created the recipes and taught their children how to cook as they do. Learning how to cook like Granny does is a new goal of mine. It’s a goal I would have never had without this project, but I am grateful that I still have the opportunity to learn as much as I can from her. I will forever cherish this biscuit recipe for the happiness it brings to my family.

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