to remove the core of one’s essential being; to gut

East State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, PA

Violent. Violence. Language speaks the blood that spills that opens bodies into onto over the ground.

Bullets knifing bodies bending blinding whiteness to justice.

Violet. Violent. Flames engulfing memories raw aching.

Justice blind blinded whitened white erasing.

Emptying empty bodies.

I was going to write about traveling and the revolutionary war and studying with my child how the framers’ freedom did not free most.

I was going to write about White Tears by Hari Kunzru and Zadie Smith’s Get Out piece and cultural appropriation and white Americans appropriating whole bodies upon which to build this country.

I was going to write about hope and Juneteenth parades and modern art and Horace Pippin.

But the news just keeps coming and more death is being dealt and more injustice is meted out and on and on.

Eviscerate is an act. Eviscerated is the act done, the feeling left. When the essence is removed, what remains? If you remove someone else’s essence, what price do you pay? If you stand by while someone removes someone else’s essence, for whom do you cry?

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