A Thousand Lives
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A Thousand Lives

I’ve Been Seeing Blogging All Wrong

Get out of your negative feedback loop

A trendy young woman has her open fingered hands placed on her cheeks. Staring directly at the camera lens. She has long blonde hair in two knotted buns, a freckled nose and is wearing deep pink eye shadow. She is in front of a wall with pale blue wallpaper with painted clouds. I’ve Been Seeing Medium All Wrong. But it’s so clear to me now. Confessions of a perfectionist and overworked freelance writer and the realizations about Medium to help others living in the same negative feedback loop.
Photo by Wei Ding on Unsplash

My desire to be taken seriously as a writer has caused me to grind myself down mentally. Luckily, I’ve realised it before I became a worn-out stub.

I started flitting around the internet trying to make money since suffering a breakdown and quitting my high paying job last June.



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