Gear VR gets double the resolution, Disney perception research, and getting started with VR design

April 3rd’s top VR links

New John Carmack Software Doubles Oculus Home Resolution on Gear VR

With some fun new software being labeled as “Cylindrical TimeWarp Layers”, it appears that the Oculus team has been able to effectively double the resolution of Oculus Home on Gear VR. This is really exciting if this same technique can be used in other applications moving forward.

Disney Research Shows How VR Can Be Used to Study Human Perception

This research (with accompanying video) shows some experimentation with different virtual UI that enables a person to catch a ball in the real world. It’s pretty neat to see how accurate a person can be with minimal input in VR.

The Email I Send Anyone Who Asks Me How to Get Started With VR Design

VR UX designer Adrienne Hunter shares the tips she sends to people that ask her, “What do I need to learn in order to be a VR designer?”.

BONUS: How to measure VR success: 7 experts weigh in

Autodesk recently interviewed VR experts from seven companies, including The Soap Collective’s very own Logan Dwight!