Today is the day! For Survivor fans, the cast reveal day signifies the end of the Survivor off-season and the beginning of the pre-season. For people who aren’t fans of the show, the off-season seems incredibly short and the show always seems to be on the air. For us fans, the off-season is interminable and a grueling time. Congratulations everyone, you’ve made it to the end of the tunnel.

Here is how A Tribe of One is going to tackle the cast reveal. Starting tomorrow, we will have one article per day covering each tribe. We will go from the Heroes to the Healers and finally the Hustlers, just like the show has been subtitled. So yes, if this were Dragon Ball Z, this post is basically the filler episode where Goku and Piccolo learn to drive but I like to keep you guys in the loop.

I’m totally a Goku.

I’ve been avoiding reading anything written by others until I go through the cast and make my own judgements. It’s been difficult. Between avoiding Survivor reddit and twitter, all of the sites I normally read and any friendly inboxes, I can’t wait to be done my own previews so I can take part in this discussion.

To tide you over, here are some helpful sources for all things Survivor: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers. My least favorite part about that name is how long it takes me to type it out each time.

CBS Official Bios and all things concerning cast information.

Mike Bloom’s Parade article previewing the cast.

Zeke Smith’s best friend, Josh Wiggler’s THR article previewing the cast.

Inside Survivor’s first article about the cast.

Dalton Ross’ EW cast reveal.

A RHAP podcast with Josh Wiggler and Rob Cesternino about Wiggler’s time out in Fiji covering this season.

Until now we will reconvene tomorrow to really get cracking on Survivor 35. Let’s all cherish this moment where we are all just happy about a new cast and not yet at each other’s throats over who we like and dislike.