One of my biggest inspirations to start writing about Survivor is the Funny 115. Created by Mario Lanza, the original Funny 115 compiled the funniest moments from the first 11 seasons of Survivor in a massive list of great moments (who could forget Colby’s Hat?).

Since the original Funny 115’s run, Mario has completed another full version that started off where the first one ended. After he was finished the second version, Mario decided to give us what we wanted and has been working on a 3rd version that is currently ongoing.

Recently, Mario has found out that his site is so full of data that bandwidth to host is massive. The site has currently been suspended until Mario decides if he wants to upgrade his hosting plan or simply cancel his 3rd run of Funny 115 altogether.

On top of that, Mario’s first two versions are also in peril. Not to mention the Survivor Historians podcasts he hosts on the site, along with several other podcasts, articles and compilations that Mario has done throughout the years.

For Survivor fans like me, the Funny 115 is integral for my enjoyment of the overall product. Mario has long made Survivor an even more enjoyable show because of his ability to write about it in such a funny way. So many of his entries have become classics onto themselves.

Just look at how the community saw Brad Culpepper before and after Mario wrote his entry on him for Funny 115 3.0. It was almost night and day the way people felt about a guy who had once been seen as one of modern Survivor’s most disliked villains.

You have jokes like Bob Johnson, CGI Brett, and the entire Russell Hantz saga that live on in infamy among the online Survivor fandom. And all of that is in danger of simply going away into the night, much like Bruce and his troubled buttocks.

We can’t let that happen. Mario has started a GoFundMe to help raise money to host his site with the hiked rates. He has already reached his goal but given that this cost won’t simply go away, we should strive to help as much as possible. According to Twitter, Mario is leaving it open overnight, which given his West Coast time is for a few hours still. If Mario has given you joy in your Survivor experience like he has mine, please consider helping.

If you would like to continue helping the Funny 115 on a longterm basis, Mario has also setup a Patreon account that helps both the site and Survivor Historians. Those are two staples in my Survivor fandom and I know I’m not the only one who feels that way.

Mario never asked me to post anything for him. Hell, he probably won’t like any extra attention this may bring him. It took him forever to even consider launching a Patreon because he doesn’t like asking fans to contribute financially but with the time and effort he’s given us, I think he deserves it.

After all, I couldn’t live with myself if I could never again read the Colby’s Hat entry and I didn’t do anything to try and help.

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