Jury Jeopardy 3

The Jeopardy Strikes Back

Ianic Roy Richard
Dec 17, 2018 · 11 min read

It’s that time again! As the end of the Survivor season draws near, we prepare to crown our newest winner… of Jury Jeopardy!

This year’s crop of players features a bunch of returnees (this goes better in blogging than on Survivor). They are:

  • Sarah Channon and Logan Saunders of RHAP, the hosts with the most,
  • the King Stays King, Austin Smith of Inside Survivor, also the current Survivor Blogging Intercontinental Belt Holder,
  • Andy Dehnart of Reality Blurred, back from a one year sabbatical (or because the last few seasons were kind of lame),
  • And the Avengers-like squad at True Dork Times.

Here’s how it works: for each juror (and the members of the final six who eventually become jurors), I will predict the order in which they would vote for a finalist. If any given juror’s vote is ahead of the other two finalists in my ranking, then I score a point, if not then I don’t get said point. In the event of a tie, I have also predicted the number of votes the winner and runners up will receive. Whoever is closest to the number of votes cast for the winner (or if still tied, the runner up) will be sole victor.

For the past two seasons, Inside Survivor’s Austin Smith has taken home the crown. He is quickly becoming Jury Jeopardy’s version of the Golden State Warriors. Last season, I fell short of defeating Austin by two points, finishing second. Like the Cavaliers, I’ll blame that loss on J.R. Smith not knowing the score. I’ve kindly asked J.R. to stay home this year so I should have more of a chance to win. Onto the rankings.

This season feels tougher than the last two. I honestly think any of the six remaining players could find their seat at final tribal council. Last year, I was free to basically divide the votes between Domenick and Wendell without really worrying about the other four and where I put them. This year? Not so much.

The Jury

Elizabeth Olson

Prediction: Nick > Kara > Alison > Davie > Mike > Angelina

This is a tough vote to call for me. All the Davids ended up voting for Elizabeth to be voted out. She probably learned in Ponderosa that it was spearheaded by Carl with Davie’s support. We’ve already seen her and Davie get into an argument on the island and it was made clear that they weren’t close. I don’t think the fact that they shared a starting tribe would be enough for Elizabeth to want to vote for Davie.

You might think Angelina would figure higher because of her attempt to warn Elizabeth of the oncoming vote against her. Because it backfired on Angelina so spectacularly, I would bet she is the last person Elizabeth is itching to vote for. As for Mike, I don’t see why she would vote for him above any of the other four ahead of him.

In the end, I think she would prefer Nick above all. I keep thinking back to the Elizabeth’s premiere alliance with him, the Thoroughbreds. Why was that shown to use if it meant pretty much nothing? Just to explain the Jessica vote? Seems like it means a little more than that. Choosing between Kara and Alison felt like picking out of a hat but we did get that scene of Kara and Elizabeth bonding over horses so that’s why I went that way. Elizabeth sure loves to talk about horses, doesn’t she?

John Hennigan

Prediction: Alison > Nick > Davie > Kara > Angelina > Mike

In the game, the George Bushy of Tushy was a very old-school player. He was Goliath strong until his dying breath. That’s why I think he would vote Alison ahead of the two remaining Davids (realistically, only one of Nick and Davie will make final tribal council so they essentially function as a block of two in my rankings). Alison has been portrayed as a legitimate jury threat in the game and she seems to have gotten a lot of respect from her peers. Her edit scares me into putting too much stock into her as the winner but it just feels right to give her John’s vote, like Kellyn I have to go with my gut.

I think that the athlete in him would respect Nick or Davie’s ability to navigate their way to the end with the odds stacked against them. That’s why I am giving them the edge over the remaining Goliaths. We know that Angelina and John were an alliance (or more according to a certain person who shall not be named) but she’s really been flaming out post-merge and I can’t see her final tribal council going much better for her. As for Mike, I keep finding it hard to put him anywhere because he seems so detached from this season somehow.

Dan Rengering

Prediction: Kara > Alison > Nick > Davie > Mike > Angelina

It’s tough to know how bitter of a juror Hot Cop Dan might be. I feel like he might be sour over how his boot went down. Especially when he realizes that Kara initially wanted to take him out in that round. Still, I find it hard to imagine him voting in any other capacity.

The rest of my hierarchy is simply my first instinct. He never had beef with Alison and she was a Goliath. Then I think he might respect Nick/Davie’s game more than Mike’s and we’ve seen the disdain he had for Angelina. If anyone is going to go in on Angelina during the jury questioning, I’m betting on Dan.

Alec Merlino

Prediction: Alison > Mike > Kara > Davie > Nick > Angelina

The bond between Alec and Alison was well-established during his time on the season. We even got some flashback to it when Alec flashed Alison the shaka as she was leaving to go back to camp after voting out Christian. Those two are one of the closest pairings in the game and I don’t think anything that happened post-game re: him and Kara would choose that. I also think that Alec and Mike shared a close friendship and alliance that would result in Alec voting for Mike in any scenario where Alison was on the jury.

The bottom three are a toss up. I think Davie’s game is one that Alec could respect because he was always looking for advantages and mixing it up. The same could be said for Nick. Angelina is just such a goat in my eyes that it’s hard for me to place her high up on any of these. I will have a lot of egg on my face if she somehow wins.

Carl Boudreaux

Prediction: Davie > Nick > Kara > Alison > Mike > Angelina

This is one where the top two is clear. Carl and Davie were a pairing from the premiere and never broke rank. After initially targeting Nick, Carl eventfully became close to him as well. Both Davie and Nick were left in the dark on Carl’s blindside and thus absorb none of the blame. Davie goes above Nick because they swapped together and were never apart.

After those two, I think Kara established a good bond with Carl. He was so willing to share all of his plans with her and seemed to want her on his team. That tells me that he felt comfortable with her and thus was friendly with her. The bottom three is simply a toss-up but I don’t see Carl voting for any of them and I don’t see that composition being the final three.

Gabby Pascuzzi

Prediction: Alison > Nick > Davie > Kara > Mike > Angelina

How strong of an initial tribe sentiment will Gabby have? That’s the big question I had in ranking these remaining players. If Christian had still been in the game, he was an easy top pick but I don’t know that she cared for Nick or Davie in the same way. We were certainly shown a lot of the bond between Alison and Gabby and it really feels like Alison became Gabby’s second closest ally. She was ready to replace Christian with Alison if her plan had gone through. I think that says a lot.

Because Kara was included in the plan, I placed her above Mike and Angelina. The bottom two really did not have much of a relationship with Gabby, I really only remember Gabby interacting with Angelina at the Elizabeth tribal council and that was certainly not a positive interaction.

Christian Hubicki

Prediction: Davie > Nick > Alison > Mike > Kara > Angelina

From what we’ve heard in his exit press, the bond between Davie and Christian was a lot more than we were told. I honestly think it’s enough to put Davie above Nick in Christian’s mind because the Christian/Nick combo was severed when Carl was voted out. Davie could work past it and go back to working together, Nick could not.

When you consider the Goliaths, there was a clear indication that Christian both liked and respected Alison. He was shown wanting to work with her and preferred to keep her in the game because he considered her a jury threat at his level. I think he might also give respect to Mike for being the one to finally put together a plan to vote him out.

Not much there between Kara and him. Angelina was gunning for Christian from the merge and continually missed her shot. Not a lot of respect going towards her in his eyes.

The final six

Kara Kay

Prediction: Alison > Mike > Davie > Nick > Angelina

We saw in this most recent episode that Kara and Alison had a working bond. They were also willing to ally with Gabby on the Christian vote. We haven’t seen a lot of interaction between them on screen but reading between the lines, they were pretty tight. I think the same can be said of her and Mike.

Given that Davie was so willing to loop her into his plan to take out Nick, I would logic that they had something going on between them. That’s the thing about Kara, she has obviously good social skills and made friends in the game but we weren’t privy to a lot of it.

Angelina Keeley

Prediction: Rice > Mike > Kara > Nick > Alison > Davie

I honestly don’t know. Plus, I expect her to be a final three goat so that this doesn’t have to be considered. For some reason, she loves Mike so I think he’s the clear number one. I placed Kara second because of their pre-merge women’s alliance on the Goliaths (of which Alison was excluded). There’s a bond there with Nick from the swap tribe. That’s about as good of an explanation I can give you.

Alison Raybould

Prediction: Mike > Kara > Nick > Angelina > Davie

It’s clear that after Alec was voted out, Mike remained Alison’s closest ally. She’s the one who told Mike about the potential Nick blindside. They were both part of Strike Force 1.0 and they were both on the outs in the original Goliath tribe. The bond she’s built with Kara is enough to put her second. The Strike Force connection put Nick 3rd. I don’t see Alison voting for either Angelina or Davie, the latter of whom has been coming for her head on multiple occasions now.

Davie Rickenbacker

Prediction: Nick > Kara > Alison > Mike > Angelina

Even if the bond between Nick and Davie has broken down over the most recent vote, Davie will vote for Nick to win if given the chance. That link goes both ways too. After Nick, I think Davie felt closest to Kara even if she ended up burning him by blowing up his plan by telling Alison who told Mike. In some ways, Davie might even respect that. Hard to rank the other three, they haven’t had much to do with each other because Davie was not part of a lot of cross-tribal alliances like Nick was.

Mike White

Prediction: Alison > Nick > Angelina > Kara > Davie

Like Alison for Mike, his respect for her game is reciprocal. It surpasses the Rockstars (meow meow) bond that he went on to establish with Nick. If Angelina’s attempt at buttering Elizabeth didn’t work, she can console herself by finding that she did manage to get close to Mike. Enough that he might even vote for her? I guess we might find out.

Nick Wilson

Prediction: Davie > Mike > Alison > Kara > Angelina

Davie and Mike are numbers one and two with a bullet. After them, Nick gives me the impression that he respects gamesmanship and strategy and I think Alison has the best claim to that out of the remaining three. Then it’s between Angelina and Kara and I can’t see Nick ever respecting Angelina to give her a vote, especially after jacket-gate.

Final vote: Alison (6) – Kara (4) – Angelina (0)

I don’t feel good about my final prediction. I’ve been high on the “Kara is the winner because of the edit” bandwagon and I still firmly believe it. Still, I must stand by what I’ve said for each person individually. I could also be completely wrong about my final three and score 0 points, which would be a first for me on Jury Jeopardy. Either way, I am excited to find out how this ends.

Make sure to check out my competitors’ predictions to see how we all stack up against each other. You can use the hashtag #juryjeopardy to follow along. We always get some nice charts posted up because there are some talented people out there who are much better at making graphics than I am.

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The premiere spot for Survivor history and analysis ranging from Borneo to the current season.

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A Tribe of One

The premiere spot for Survivor history and analysis ranging from Borneo to the current season.

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