Don’t Call it a Comeback

Ianic Roy Richard
May 21, 2018 · 6 min read

It’s that time again! As the end of the Survivor season draws near, we must prepare for the most intense and scientific competition on planet earth: Jury Jeopardy! This year I have the honour of competing against legends from RHAP, the Purple Rock Podcast, Inside Survivor, and True Dork Times.

Here’s how it works: for each juror (and the members of the final six who eventually become jurors), I will predict the order in which they would vote for a finalist. If any given juror’s vote is ahead of the other two finalists in my ranking, then I score a point, if not then I don’t get said point.

In the event of a tie, I have also predicted the number of votes the winner and runners up will receive. Whoever is closest to the number of votes cast for the winner (or if still tied, the runner up) will be sole victor.

The Jurors

Chris Noble

Given Chris’ narcissistic personality, he strikes me as the kind of guy who considers himself the best among everyone. If someone in the room was able to personally beat him, I would predict that person would get his respect more than anybody else.

Important to note: the voting this year outside of Wendell or Domenick is kind of a joke. If only one is there, I fully expect them to sweep the jury so I’ll just kind of throw the rest behind them on a whim for each juror.

Prediction: Domenick> Wendell> Sebastian> Angela> Donathan> Laurel

Libby Vincek

Because of the extremely unlevelled editing this season, Libby is one of many I will struggle to pin down. She may be original Malolo but I find it hard to believe she would vote for Laurel or Donathan above Wendell or Domenick but I have no real indication who of those two she would lean towards. Domenick did warn her when the votes were going her way and she spent more time with him on NuNaviti than she ever did with Wendell. That will be my kicker.

Prediction: Domenick> Wendell> Donathan> Laurel> Sebastian> Angela

Desiree Afuye

Another player who did not get very much shine. Desiree tried to play a low key game and hoped to surprise Kellyn with a blindside. That indicates to me somebody who prefers a silent but deadly game. Between Domenick and Wendell, nobody would claim Domenick is the quiet one so I will give Wendell the advantage by default.

Prediction: Wendell> Domenick> Angela> Donathan> Sebastian> Laurel

Jenna Bowman

Despite an apparent post-game romance, I doubt Jenna would be looking to vote for Sea Bass at final tribal. After all, he was the cause of her demise. I honestly have no idea which way Jenna would lean in the Wendell/Domenick battle that seems to be on the horizon. Given that I will simply flip a coin, that’s how much this season has started to burn me up. Heads, she votes for Dom. Tails, she votes for Wendell.

Prediction: Wendell > Domenick> Sebastian> Donathan> Laurel> Angela

Michael Yerger

From what we’ve been shown on the show, baby Yerger seemed to have a bit more of a connection with Dom than Wendell. The monster is the one who approached Micheal about voting out Desiree when she flamed out.

I also think that Michael’s style of play matches up more with Dom’s. Given that everybody is at least a little self interested, I’ve always thought that people will vote for the person they see more of themselves in.

Prediction: Domenick> Wendell> Donathan> Sebastian> Laurel> Angela

Chelsea Townsend

Prediction: Domenick> Wendell> Angela> Sebastian> Donathan> Laurel

Kellyn Bechtold

Kellyn was both an ally and an enemy for the dynamic duo. If only I had a direct line of communication with her gut in order to tell me which of the two she would prefer to vote for. As for my gut, it’s telling me that it would be Wendell.

Prediction: Wendell> Domenick> Angela> Sebastian> Donathan> Laurel

The final six will be listed alphabetically because it’s “impossible” to predict where they will finish ahead of time.

Final Six

Angela Perkins

Here’s what we know about Angela: she’s been a proud soldier in the military, she’s a divorced mother, and she has no gag reflex. Now find a way to use that to inform your choice on her final vote. You would think Angela is not someone who would get along with Domenick’s personality type but gross food challenge Angela might. This is another coin toss to me but Kellyn’s gut is acting up again and telling me which way to go.

Prediction: Domenick> Wendell> Sebastian> Donathan> Laurel

Domenick Abbate

This is an unlikely scenario. I don’t want to waste both yours and my time on this.

Prediction: Wendell> Laurel> Sebastian> Donathan> Angela

Donathan Hurley

For most of the game, Donathan has been in lock step with Laurel, and thus playing with Domenick and Wendell by proxy. Given how emotional Donathan has shown himself to be on the island, you might think that Wendell’s softer and more personal approach might have some sway. That said, I don’t think they would show us the conversation those two had this week about Donathan’s vote if it didn’t mean anything in the long run.

Prediction: Domenick> Wendell> Laurel> Angela> Sebastian

Laurel Johnson

There’s no way that Wendell worked on this relationship all game for her not to vote for him in the end if she isn’t the FTC goat. He really has put in a lot of time and effort to keep her loyal and it’s paid off for both Domenick and him but in the finale, Wendell would get the ultimate pay off in the form of her vote.

Prediction: Wendell> Domenick> Donathan> Angela> Sebastian

Sebastian Noel

Who knows what goes on in Sebastian’s mind. I’m afraid to even try to get into it for fear of permanently being stuck thinking like him afterwards. All I’ve got is that the producers wouldn’t show us Wendell giving him seashells for fun and games. Especially when Sebastian has been mostly invisible throughout the edit.

Prediction: Wendell> Domenick> Angela> Donathan> Laurel

Wendell Holland Jr.

Even if Domenick cuts him in the end, Wendell wouldn’t vote against him. Game recognize game.

Prediction: Domenick> Laurel> Donathan> Sebastian> Angela

Tie-breaker: 6–4–0 in favour of Domenick over Wendell (4) and Laurel (0).

Now that we’ve done our hard work, time for you guys to chime in! Check out my competition’a predictions and let us know who you think is closest and how you guys think it might break down this coming Wednesday. Use the hashtag #juryjeopardy on twitter to participate and above all else, enjoy this finale ladies and gentlemen!

A Tribe of One

The premiere spot for Survivor history and analysis ranging from Borneo to the current season.

Ianic Roy Richard

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A Tribe of One

The premiere spot for Survivor history and analysis ranging from Borneo to the current season.

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