Day 12: The Ferry

Moving South

Even before coming to New Zealand, but also ever since we got here, people were telling us that the south island is really something else. At this point, we are so impressed by the north island we can’t imagine what to expect.

Our ferry

We woke up early morning and drove to the harbour. After a short wait, Ron drove the car into the ferry and we were getting excited. It was a 3.5 hour ride on this HUGE boat, that has wifi and a cinema on it. We hardly used any of these amenities and spent most of the time looking at the changing views.

Wellington from afar

At first, we could see Wellington from afar. Right around the time the north island started to disappear we could see the south island on the horizon.

Interesting clouds on our way

Snowy mountains became clear and layers of small islands appeared. Soon, we realized these were not random islands, but the Marlborough Sounds, a maze of inlets that we had to pass on our way to Picton, the ferry’s destination.

The south island already seems more dramatic than the north

After 2.5 hours in the vast open ocean we entered the sounds and sailed between strips of land in what really felt like a maze. It was an amazing experience, sitting on this huge vessel and entering a new untouched world. I think we are starting to understand what everybody meant when talking about the south island…

It was really windy on the deck

It took another hour on the boat until we got to Picton. We went back to the car, at the bottom of the boat, and drove into this tiny town, where we will stay for the night.