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“How long have you been seventeen?”

Or, let’s pretend to be teenagers (like the Cullens) and watch some TikToks!

Like my ATF colleagues, I have a bit of a complicated relationship with Twilight. In 8th and 9th grade, I was absolutely obsessed with the franchise. I tore through the books, saw the movies in theaters multiple times, dressed like Edward (don’t ask) — the whole nine. But by 10th grade or so (after seeing Eclipse), I did a complete 180. Instead of excitedly anticipating the next movie releases, I openly mocked those who “still liked” Twilight. I had realized that the writing was trash and that Edward being 100 years old was weird af, so I moved on. To this day I’ve still only seen parts of the Breaking Dawn movies. Will that change, though, what with us living in a Twilight Renaissance of sorts?

The release of Midnight Sun is definitely partially to blame for the reintroduction of Twilight into the zeitgeist, but I would argue that TikTok is very much responsible as well. Since I no longer feel like a true scholar of all things Twilight, I decided to make this piece a bit lighter in nature. I invite you to enjoy some of the latest, highly entertaining #TwilightRenaissance TikToks, handpicked by me. (PS: I tried to embed the videos, but Medium doesn’t seem to be compatible with TikTok. I’ve linked each TikTok video in the titles instead. Apologies for the inconvenience!)

Gothic Girl” by Madelaine Turner (@in_too_deepmp3)

This one is a little less recent, but including it was 100% necessary. Spoofing Twilight and Gossip Girl at the same time?! Now that’s entertainment. I giggle every time I hear her say, “When La Push comes to shove…”

The “If Bella Was a Normal Teenager” series by Liv (@boogiewoogie99)

Liv has already been written about by Buzzfeed and the like, and for good reason. Her delightful, Irish-accented takes on how Bella should’ve acted, if she were a normal human being, are always spot on.

The Cullens Adopt a GenZ Newborn” by Lore 🖤’s Twilight (@5pidermonkey)

“GenZ” videos like this are definitely NOT one of my favorite TikTok trends…but I found this parody of a GenZ vamp to be both parts amusing and annoying. The Cullens’ ages (read: old af) are what really make them The Cullens™, so it’s definitely worth wondering what adding a modern teen to the mix would look like. Obvi Bella doesn’t count…she’s an old soul or some shit.

What Masks I Think the Folks of Twilight Would Wear in 2020” by Daniela (@nodaniela)

Gotta love the niche-ness of this TikTok. Why didn’t I think to imagine how the Twilight characters would adorn themselves in the age of COVID? This video only gets better as it goes on…I literally cackled at the last mask reveal.

I’m a Teacher at Forks High…” by Kristen (@bookishteacher)

Shout-out to all the teachers brave enough to make their own videos on TikToks. I don’t think I’ll ever be one of them…but who knows! As a teacher, though, I do wonder what the Cullens’ teachers really thought about them. Especially in a small school like that. I’m sure everyone was very confused about the white, beautiful, well-dressed foster kids who had the highest grades in all their classes. Especially in History.

Rating the Characters (NSFW)” by Tatiana Pavelka (@mothmans_slampiece)

Just…watch this one for yourself. Resident Twilight expert of TikTok Tatiana Pavelka breaks down whether or not she thinks some of the main characters would be — shall we say — attentive lovers. Personally, I think she’s wrong about Jessica. But her thoughts on Jacob are SPOT ON.

Things in Twilight That Were Just Not It” by Bella Maxwell (@robertpattinsons.wife)

I fully endorse the ideas presented in this TikTok. Until reading Kayla’s piece the other day, I had totally forgotten about Bella’s HEINOUS first day of school outfit in the first movie. Ugh, it makes me shudder just to think about! Also, yes — those were some awful wigs.

Renesmee at her 7th Birthday” by @emmalobooks

Aaaaaand now we’re skirting the line a little bit. But I’m sorry, this was too funny to me to not include. Blame Stephenie Meyer for her creepy af concept of werewolf imprinting.

For more (insane) Twilight TikToks, check out the hashtags #TwilightRenaissance, #TeamEdward, #TeamJacob, #Twihard, and #Twitok on the app.

Originally published on September 17, 2020



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