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You Probably Don’t Understand Veganism

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Let me explain.

The Oxford Dictionary defines Vegan as “A person who does not eat or use animal products.”

But this does not show the complete picture. The truth is, it is very difficult to avoid animal products today, because they are literally in everything!

Food, furniture, make-up, clothing and much more can contain animal by products which sometimes go undetected.

And we put so much pressure on vegans to be perfect, that it makes the whole idea rather unappealing. It put vegans in this strict box of watching every action they possibly take.

The amount of times I hear, “oh your vegan so you can’t do this and you can’t do that”. It diminishes the whole point of turning vegan in the first place. And that’s to be more conscious of the harm we are causing animals and to do what you can to prevent yourself from causing direct or indirect harm.

Veganism is an aspiration to do better, not a set of deadly rules to be severely judged on.

Let’s focus on aspiring to do better and to treat all sentient beings with respect. The whole point is that we are causing unnecessary harm and we are trying to do better. Its a process and it won’t happen overnight.

Lets take the stigma out of veganism

If we want to make a vegan lifestyle more attractive to the average person then there needs to be a change. We need to encourage people to stop focusing on ‘being vegan’ and focus more on aspiring to cause less harm to animals and thus live in more peaceful world.

Stop trying to be perfect overnight and do not expect that of someone else. It takes time, sometimes more and sometimes less, but its progress that should be encouraged.

You may make mistakes and that’s okay. Using or consuming an animal product by mistake can easily happen and that’s not something to beat yourself up about. Simply learn from it and aspire to do better next time.

Challenge yourself to be better

It’s important to not put so much pressure on yourself but also to keep challenging yourself! Just because your not going to become perfect overnight doesn’t mean you cannot keep asking better of your actions and helping those that need guidance not judgment.

Just remember, veganism is not about being perfect, its about aspiring to be better and to keep challenging yourself every day.

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