5 — You have everything here — with Ivana Radić and HUB365

During this interview, we talk about:

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0:00 — The Start

02:20 — For many people, a community manager was still only about managing social media

06:00 — At the beginning, this space was a startup incubator

08:30 — Then, we stopped working with them

11:10 — During the quarantine, most members were freelancers who wanted to escape home, and some big companies, one team at a time

13:15 — Now events are starting again, we host them every day up to 100+ people

15:15 — The whole building is more than 2,000m²

17:13 — There’s a big difference between this and last year

21:04 — We’re thinking about opening a second smaller location in the city centre

22:59 — You have everything here, even a church, bar, and monthly breakfast

25:44 — Digital nomads open more and more companies in Croatia

28:07 — The End


Ivana Radić

Ivana is a Community Manager, Coworking Coordinator, HR Assistant and PR Manager. In short, she’s like me, she cannot stay in one place.

HUB365 hosts tech events, workshops, meetups and hackathons. They discover, support and empower talented young people, help them build startups. In short, they also cannot stay in one place.

Check her space here:


Fanny Marcoux

I’m your host and passionate about coworking, remote working, digital nomading, and digital marketing. Many -ing in there.

I help ecommerce managers migrate to Google Analytics 4 before it is too late and all their data get erased.

I also post every day on LinkedIn. You can follow me here:




Each space is different. They all have their own awesomeness, their own little something. I interview one coworking manager from somewhere across the world for 30 min. They tell us what their something special is. Subscribe here: https://bit.ly/m/a-very-special-coworking

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