6 — How awesome would it be to build a WeWork, but bottom-up — with Christoph Fahle and One Coworking

During this interview, we talk about:

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0:00 — Hello

1:07 — betahaus started in 2009, it wasn’t even called coworking

04:20 — We were spoiled a lot and only needed the money from the grand-mother to start

6:26 — We went through bankruptcy a year ago because of COVID

8:09 — It’s now a European story

10:30 — A network of coworking spaces, as a side project

13:45 — The future of work looks a lot like coworking

16:18 — This is kind of a secret, we want to work more with the spaces

17:35 — We’ll have a big announcement beginning of next year

18:30 — And it’s again different from all those virtual spaces popping up

19:33 — This is our journey towards an ecosystem for coworking

22:21 — Building betahaus was beautiful, but also exhausting

24:37 — A coworking space for pensioners?

26:30 — Coworking is a trend much bigger than the COVID crisis

28:20 — Thank you and goodbye


Christoph Fahle

Christoph co-founded betahaus, one of Europe’s earliest coworking space networks. As a CEO, he guided their strategy and expansion.

He is now working on One Coworking — a journey to make global workspace infrastructures and communities more accessible.

Check One Coworking platform here:


Fanny Marcoux

I’m your host and passionate about coworking, remote working, digital nomading, and digital marketing. Many -ing in there.

I help ecommerce managers migrate to Google Analytics 4 before it is too late and all their data get erased.

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