Ep 22 — You can move faster if you share with others — with Szilvia Filep from Coworking Hungary

Fanny Marcoux
A very special coworking
2 min readMay 13, 2024

In this interview, we talk about:

  • Szilvia and her spaces, Coworking Hungary and KATEDRA Coworking Veszprém
  • How powerful sharing knowledge with others is
  • What makes coworking, freelancing and remote working complementary

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0:00 — Hi!

0:55 — The first time I entered a coworking

3:05 — It was very new and I had to learn a lot

5:44 — It wasn’t easy

9:01 — Freelancers kicked off this coworking story, but not anymore

12:02 — Don’t you want to meet other coworking managers?

17:48 — We thought it was going to be a smooth opening but…

20:29 — The 3 revenue streams (plus 2 more)

23:05 — ‘It’s ok if I’m not there’ does not work

25:43 — Coworkings have a completely different role in villages

27:47 — The biggest lack of knowledge is in community building

30:44 — Connect with other coworkings

32:00 — Bye!


Szilvia Filep

We’re experiencing major changes in the way people work and live. Szilvia creates and supports places, events and communities that rewrite the way we work.

Coworking Hungary helps connect, share insights, and host events that drive the growth of the coworking culture in Hungary.

KATEDRA Coworking Veszprém is a brand new coworking space that will open its door in May.

Check her spaces, Coworking Hungary and KATEDRA Coworking Veszprém:



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Fanny Marcoux
A very special coworking

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