Ep 23 — We want our team members to be community builders — with Agustin D’Elio from Huerta Coworking

Fanny Marcoux
A very special coworking
2 min readJun 10, 2024

In this interview, we talk about:

  • Agustin and his space, Huerta
  • the 3 keys that made them full after only 6 months
  • how to manage a community from 29 to 600 seats

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0:00 — Hi!

1:12 — Why don’t we invite some friends to work with us?

2:59 — We discovered our reason on the way

5:54 — We began with 29 seats, today we have 600

6:33–6 months after we opened, we were full

9:26 — There were 3 success keys

10:37 — We need a garden, sunlight, and space

12:27 — We have a very good team with a lot of experience

13:47 — We cultivates knowledge and improvement

14:57 — Our first contact is kindness

19:11 — Meet community, diversity, and green economy

25:13 — We’re looking into two new locations

26:23 — Go to your local coworking

28:06 — Bye!


Agustin D’Elio

Agustin creates spaces and communities the future will need. And that is Huerta Coworking.

A network of 3 spaces across Buenos Aires in Argentina, where community and sustainability are there to support you and your projects.

Check his space, Huerta Coworking:


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Fanny Marcoux
A very special coworking

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