Ep 7 — The future starts here — with Edo Sadiković and Sende

During this interview, we talk about:

29 min of future, coliving, coworking and rural rebirth with Edo from Sende and Fanny from A very special coworking

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0:00 — The Start

3:35 — When we started this, we had no role model

4:45 — We started with two houses and one abandoned barn

5:35 — We bound with our 20 neighbours

9:25 — One month is ideal, more and it turn into a big brother scenario

10:42 — More than 25 people and it’s only a big fiesta

11:44–7 days is for events

12:36–30% of guests are people who came back

16:00 — In Spain, we adapted, in Portugal, we build everything

17:20 — Every day is completely different

19:28–90% of what we do was invented by the people coming

21:07 — A course for people starting a coworking or coliving

25:12 — Make remote work remote

26:55 — For those who are thinking about starting a coliving

28:19 — The End


Edo Sadiković

Sende is a rural coworking and coliving place in Northern Spain, on the border with Portugal.

There, Edo does a little bit of everything: management, marketing, organizing events, coordinating projects, networking, and building a true community.

Check what Sende is all about on their website:


Fanny Marcoux

I’m your host and passionate about coworking, remote working, nomading, and marketing. Many -ing in there.

During the day, I help ecommerce managers migrate to Google Analytics 4 before it’s too late.

I also post every day on LinkedIn. You can follow me there:




Each space is different. They all have their own awesomeness, their own little something. I interview one coworking manager from somewhere across the world for 30 min. They tell us what their something special is. Subscribe here: https://bit.ly/m/a-very-special-coworking

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