Swallow-tailed kite release a rewarding one

Giant thank you to Green Way Landscaping

By Joanna Fitzgerald | Director of the von Arx Wildlife Hospital

The difficulty involved in the swallow-tailed kite release made it particularly rewarding.

Swallow-tailed kites nest in tall trees often more than 60 feet above the ground so hospital staff enlisted help from Green Way Landscaping, Inc. to re-nest the kite. Green Way Landscaping, Inc. donated their staff time and used a bucket truck to re-nest the swallow-tailed kite over fifty feet high in a pine tree.

>>More pictures from the release below

Although an adult swallow-tailed kite was seen flying overhead during the re-nesting, we needed verification that the parents reunited with their baby. Hospital volunteers returned to the kite re-nesting site the following day to see how the baby was doing. After searching the trees, they located the young kite and witnessed an adult kite fly in and feed the youngster a frog — this was ultimate proof that the re-nesting was a success.

Thank you to everyone involved; returning the kite to its parents was joyful beyond compare.

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