Lead Developer London 2018

Past & Future Events

In the Future

Stemettes’ Monster Confidence, Manchester - Federation House (2 Federation St, M4 4BF), Fri 9th November 2018: “How to Dream in Code”

Hack Your Career: Introduction to Tech, Thoughtworks London, Thurs 6th Dec: “How to Dream in Code”

NDC London, Jan 28th — Feb 1st 2019: “Teaching New Tricks — How to enhance the skills of experienced developers

ETC (European Testing Conference) Valencia, Feb 14th-15th 2019: “How to Stop Testing and Break Your Code Base

In the Past

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Friday September 28th, 13:30, Agile Cambridge 2018: “Teaching New Tricks — How to enhance the skills of experienced developers

Monday August 6th 2018, 15:45, “Cardiff/Carlsbad” room, Agile 2018, San Diego, California: “Effective Testing for the Whole Team — A Workshop for Everyone Who Cares

Tuesday August 7th 2018, 14:00, San Diego C, Agile 2018, San Diego, California: “Let’s Stop Making People Feel Stupid

Thursday July 12th 2018, 7pm, XP Manchester, MadLab: “How pairing saved my code base”

Thursday June 28th 2018, 12:00, Lead Developer London 2018: “Teaching New Tricks — How to enhance the skills of experienced developers

Tuesday June 26th 2018, Women of Silicon Roundabout, London: I’ll be running a Deep Dive Workshop on the Testing Pyramid.

Thursday May 10th 2018, Agile Manchester 2018: “Let’s Not Make People Feel Stupid

Tuesday May 1st 2018, Deliver Sessions, Valtech, above Federal Cafe, High St Manchester, 6:30pm: “Let’s Not Make People Feel Stupid

October 2017 onwards for 8 weeks, Thoughtworks Manchester: Code First: Girls course instructor

Wed 27th June 2017: Ladies Do Code, short talk on Test Driven Novel Writing

Fri 2nd June and Sat 3rd June 2017: helping to run a Clojure workshop at Thoughtworks London, primarily aimed at those who identify as women, transgender & non-binary.

12th May, 2017: Agile Manchester: “Teaching New Tricks”

27th March, 2017: Lightning talk on “Be Bold for Change” for International Women’s Day at Thoughtworks Manchester

7th March, 2017: Nominee for “Mentor of the Year”, Northern Power Women awards

6th March, 2017: Panel for International Women’s Day at DWP Stockport

4th March, 2017: Mentor, Stockport Council Hackathon

30th January, 2017: OOP Munich: I’m co-hosting a pair programming workshop with Yves Hanoulle.

Thurs Oct 27th, 2016 (all day): Women of Silicon Roundabout, Part 2 (I did a talk on Women and Agile Software Development entitled “How do you know what you’re doing?”)

Tuesday September 20th (evening), 2016: Ladies of Code, Manchester: I did a talk describing my team’s experience of Mob Programming.

Thursday 14th July, 2016, 6:30pm: XP Manchester: I did a lightning talk on “Test Driven Novel Writing”.

May 24th — 27th, 2016: XP 2016 in Edinburgh (I presented an experience report on Women in XP , and chaired a debate on “Can XP Close the Gender Gap?”)

May 11th – 13th, 2016: Agile Manchester 2016 (This was a talk I did – “When TDD and Pair Coding go Wrong”)

Thurs April 21st, 2016, at the Sky campus in London: Women in Technology (This was a talk I did — “Can Pair Coding Help to Close the Gender Gap?”)

Tuesday 22nd March, 2016: Stemettes’ Tap and Tinker coding event, Manchester High School for Girls

Friday March 4th, 2016: Aspiration Day, St Matthews school, Manchester (I ran a question-and-answer session with two groups of 8–10-yr-olds)

Thurs Jan 28th, Women of Silicon Roundabout, London: http://www.women-in-technology.com (I did a talk titled “Women Can do That Too”, and spoke on a Closing the Gender Gap panel, and a Bridging the Gender Gap panel)

Sun Jan 24th 2016 — Manchester Girl Geeks’ Meet the Bloggers (I was speaking)

Thurs Jan 21st 2016 — Brown bag talk on Mob Programming

Stemettes Hackathon for Girls, 28th / 29th Nov 2015, Manchester Media City (I was one of the judges)

8th Oct ’15, XP Manchester: The Lift Kata (I presented this)

Interview with our LateRooms team at Hack Manchester 2015

Our LateRooms team entry for Hack Manchester 2015

Ladies Who Code — Lightning Talks, International Women’s Day, March 2015 (I was one of the lightning-talkers)

9th July ’15, XP Manchester: Lightning Talk on Collaboration ( I was one of the lightning-talkers)