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Videos and recordings of Talks

All videos / recordings are now listed on this page here.

In Simple Terms (my other blog)

My other blog: In Simple Terms

Publications (Non Fiction)

2018: Tips from the Trenches: Yves Hanoulle

2016: How XP Can Improve the Experiences of Female Software Developers: Springer Publications

2016: Pair Programming Workshop: LeanPub.Com

My Other Blog

I have another blog, In Simple Terms, where I write simple explanations for things I have struggled to understand — mostly related to software engineering.


.Net Rocks podcast, “Teaching Experienced Developers”

LateRooms Engineering Blog

6th Jan ’16: Technology Needs More Women

20th Dec ’15: The Pringle Principle

11th Dec ’15: Hexagonal Architecture in Practice

10th Sept ’15: Making Tests Readable

7th July ’15: The Joy of Being Wrong

Huffington Post and Other Blogs

28th March ’16, XP 2016 blog:

17th Feb ’16, Huffington Post: Men Rule the World, and That’s Ridiculous — But I Still Need Their Help

Medium Blog Posts

All my Medium blog posts can be found in my publication: A Woman in Technology.


I speak at events quite frequently — all details can be found here.

Women in Technology

Q&A on the WinTech event blog, about women in tech

Pecha kucha talk on “Test Driven Novel Writing” at OOP Munich 2017

Cucumber podcast — “How XP can improve the experiences of female developers”

My conference paper on “How XP Can Improve the Experience of Female Software Developers” for XP 2016

Interview, Women in Technology blog

Interview with Head Stemette Anne-Marie Imafidon (ffwd to 9:25)

Profile on LateRooms Careers Blog

Profile on FutureTechGirls

My Old Blog

My Attempts to Design the Perfect Scrabble Game (I managed an individual score of 1493 when D, Y, T, L, O, Z and G were placed on the board to make the 15-letter word “demythologizing”)

Tribute to the novelist, poet and playwright Julia Darling

A Loser’s Guide to Countdown (notes from my appearance on the Channel 4 quiz show in 2009)

Advice on Stopping Anxiety Attacks

My Experience of Miscarriage (trigger warning: contains upsetting descriptions)

Clare Elsewhere




My second novel

My first novel

Crazily positive review of my first book (to be honest, my second is better)

A cautionary tale about being a novelist (based on my experience)