A Letter to the President

Over the last 8 years, I have watched you and your family lead this country with such grace and kindness. You have been a role model to me in my life, and I thank you for all you’ve done in advancing this great nation. I hope to someday emulate you in my own political career.

However, over the last few days, I have found it hard to work through the sadness and confusion I feel. I can’t help but notice a darkness over our country, a sense of disarray. People are shocked and scared, and I am one of them. I worked my heart out for Hillary, and I find myself physically weaker from this loss, especially given that the will of the people will not honored in the outcome.

I know, in your recent speech and otherwise, that you have called for us to give Mr. Trump a chance, and I respect your position. But do we not, as citizens in this wonderful democracy, have the obligation to change the things we do not accept, rather than accept the things we cannot change? Is that not what our democracy itself was built upon?

I do not accept hatefulness, and bigotry. I do not accept misogyny and racism, homophobia and xenophobia. I do not accept that my father could lose the insurance that is treating his stage IV cancer, that more could face the fate my neighbors in Flint have, or that my Muslim brothers and sisters must hide who they are simply to walk outside. I simply do not accept so much of what I fear we face, and with that I am unsure of what the next steps should be.

How do I, as a proud American who cares deeply for this country, move forward? How do we all make this emptiness and hopelessness go away?

With all the gratitude and respect in the world,

Austin Santaniello Bucholtz