Without the right emoji how can one possibly express oneself properly online?

#Whisky Emoji.

Did you know there’s no Whisky emoji? 😳 🚧 Ridiculous 😐🍷 🍸 🍹 🍺 🍻 ?

Ballantine’s 😋💙 believe people should Stay True and express their passions. But you can’t do that without a Whisky emoji. Words alone simply don’t cut it. The whisky we drink is a personal expression of our taste and values 😇. We need small cute pictures to relay such emotional gravitas 👍.

No emoji? Understandably people were upset 😡 and tweeting for one to be created. So we stepped in to help.


👏 👏👏 Drumming up support on our Twitter and Facebook pages, we created sharable assets 🍧 🍨 for people to get more people onside.

We even created a pledge site to let people vent their frustration 😤.

The controllers and commissioners of emoji called ‘Unicode’ would finally hear the voice of the whisky drinking people.

By December 2014 🎄, 19,000+ people were spreading the word — ‘We want a #WhiskyEmoji!

And Unicode 🚓 responded.

In January, our campaign was discussed at their board meeting 🕒🕒🕒🕒🕒� (we now await their decision)

If Unicode decide not to publish a whisky emoji = 😭

But if they do = 🎺💥🎁🍰 [insert whisky emoji here] ✨💥🎊🎉

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