Be selfish, rude and manipulative.

These 3 anti-values are the keys to collaboration and great ideas.
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Most likely you are not a lunatic. Not too much. You are already a good person with ambition and energy. Inspiring hopefully. Probably have integrity too.

Try hard. Be liked. Get along.

You are nice.

For all the right reasons. Because you know that the key to great ideas is working well with others.

And it is.

So you suppress the truth, we get along, and that’s where it all goes wrong.

Tooo nice.

Truth is, inside you want to win. Be great. And be loved. I know it. You can’t help yourself. You are an individual. We all are.

Deep down you know that the most important person in the room is you and your life is too important to waste on bad ideas or missed chances.

The selfish look after themselves first.

The best you in the room is the fittest you. The happiest, healthiest, hippest you. Ready. Energised. Informed.

Look after yourself. Sleep. Eat well. Exercise. Take some time. Or don’t. Whatever works for you. Think about it. Prepare yourself to be the best yourself.

Because that’s what everyone else needs from you.

If you are going to be any use whatsoever to all the other people in that room, you need to be the best you can be.

The selfish look after themselves first.

The rude make themselves heard.

No good idea ever got built by just getting along. Although plenty of shit ones got made.

The truth is there are plenty of bad ideas. Useful, but still bad. They can be learned from, built upon. That’s the process.

A bad idea can be a very valuable idea. But should never be mistaken for a good idea. A bad idea needs to be bettered. Otherwise it might get made. And that’s just a waste of everyones time.

So you have to speak up and say no. Bad idea! You have to.

Now, maybe someone gets a little upset. It’s hard to hear that your idea is bad. Remember we’re all human. It’s equally hard to tell your ‘boss’ that their idea is bad. But you have to! That’s even more important. You are too important. They will either convince you of its worth and/or thank you for it later. And meantime we have open minds, cups-of-tea and compliments to deal with situations like this.

The rude make themselves heard.

The manipulative control the situation.

A good idea still needs care. Don’t just launch it out there. Don’t just throw it away.

Sell it.

And you’ll need to.

Other people won’t immediately understand your idea. Despite what they tell you. Especially if it’s a scary one (which I hope it is). We humans are mostly programmed to run from scary things.

You will need to make them buy your idea. Manoeuvre them into liking it.

Every idea needs to be pitched. Take a minute to get it right. Think about your audience. Prepare your WIP meetings, construct your argument, own the room. Always. Be prepared for negative response and fireproof your idea. They may even roll their eyes.

Seriously, that’s the moment!

You’ve got ‘em the moment they reject your idea as ridiculous. They are blind to what you can see. The best ideas start that way. Now make ‘em see the light!

The manipulative control the situation.

Great ideas and great work are the output of great collaboration.

Great collaboration comes from a collection of individuals sharing effectively.

To do that you need to be nice and all those good things good people already know how to do. But to be great you also need something extra in the right places, you need to be selfish, rude and manipulative.