A super clean global website focused on getting the job done fast.

Rentokil Global Website.

Rentokil is the number one global pest control services provider in the world, ‘The Experts’ in pest control.

The latest website reflects this authority and trustworthiness whilst also making it simple to convert new customers.

There are over 1.5 million of pest related Google searches every year in the UK. Effectively converting these into Rentokil prospects was the real business opportunity.

The new site experience revolves completely around each customer’s pest control need. From a homepage interface focussed on understanding the visitor’s need to a completely SEO optimised website architecture, Rentokil.co.uk is designed to quickly provide each visitor with tailored reassurance that Rentokil knows how to get rid of exactly their problem.

Simple, efficient navigation gets straight to the point.

Contemporary in design, intuitive and simplified the site uses a modular architecture making for easy creation of an international roll-out across UK, US, France and Australia. One platform working efficiently for all.

See the work live here.

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