#BUILTBYGIRLS Gives 300 Students Tools For Tech Careers

Apr 21, 2016 · 2 min read
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STEMINISM Conference attendees share what they are building with #BUILTBYGIRLS

In a beautiful auditorium at The New School in New York City, Team #BUILTBYGIRLS asked 300 students to close their eyes and imagine a future in a career powered by technology. Then we gave them the tools to go out and get started.

We joined the annual STEMINISM Conference in New York City on Tuesday, focused on helping local students think about the intersection of STEM, entrepreneurship, and feminism. In the biggest version of our session yet, we shared the #BUILTBYGIRLS mission to equip young women with the tools to take their place in the tech-enabled economy. We also shared a few memes including dogs who like networking, and of course, Beyonce.

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Tory Marlin asks #BBG Ambassadors Jennifer & Autumn to share advice for getting an internship in tech

Two of our #BBG Ambassadors, 19-year-old Jennifer Wang, and 17-year-old Autumn Greco, joined us onstage to share their advice for finding, getting, and dominating a tech internship, plus insider tips for networking. We ended the session with a Personal Pitch workshop, helping the students practice how to give a killer one-liner intro when they meet professionals in tech.

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Students ask questions about the #BUILTBYGIRLS platform

Throughout the day, students took a break from learning about tech careers and killer snails () to share all the incredible things they are building on our #BUILTBYGIRLS postcards. Our favorite of the day? “I’m building a community of strong young women who will take over the tech world.”

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A wall of postcards sharing all the awesome things STEMINISM students are building


Stories of how female builders, creators and innovators are…

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