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If you want to self-publish, you need Vellum.

The easy, intuitive software for creating beautiful books

Editing The Paperclip Method Workbook for Writers on Vellum

This week, I’ll be sharing with you several tools that I use to make my life as a writer and publisher easier. Although writing takes time and can’t be hacked, there are things you can do to remove roadblocks standing in your way. Today, we’re looking at an excellent piece of software that will help you create gorgeous ebooks and paperbacks quickly and seamlessly.

When I first started publishing books through my micro press, Fiction Attic Press, the process of formatting involved complicated html and laborious conversion from Word to epub. Fortunately, the time-intensive process is a relic of the past. All you need to create gorgeous, professional ebooks and paperbacks is one super-simple, user-friendly piece of software: Vellum. I’ve used other programs, including the now-defunct Atavist, as well as the more user-friendly Reedsy. Back in the day, I even used the clunky, maddeningly glitchy KDP interface to create Kindle books. Vellum is hands-down the best, simplest, most intuitive book creation software available. I use it for every book I publish through Fiction Attic Press, from novels and short story anthologies to the Fiction Attic Press workbooks for writers series.

To create a book with Vellum, you simply import a Word file, copy-and-paste text from any word processor, or type directly into Vellum. You instantly see a professional-looking page of text. By clicking the “styles” button, you can see how the book looks in several different templates.

A screenshot of a workbook in progress, THE ART OF PLOT, created on Vellum

What I love about Vellum:

  • Vellum works equally well for fiction and nonfiction.
  • Several templates, from traditional to modern, allow you to easily give your book a look that fits your content.
  • You can easily scroll between templates to see how your book looks in each design.
  • You can easily scroll between views of Kindle, iPad, desktop, Android, iphone, and print versions of your book.
  • Inserting links for Amazon,, other retailers, and your own website is super-quick and easy.
  • One-click formatting allows you to create beautiful block quotes, drop caps, and other elements.
  • The Table of Comments is automatically generated.
  • Linking to web pages and product pages is easy.
  • Creating a beautiful copyright page, title page, epilogue, endnotes, author page, and other professional-looking pages is incredibly simple.
  • Once you purchase the license, you can create unlimited books…forever.

The software is free to download and try out. Once you’ve created a book, you’ll need to purchase a license in order to generate your epub, mobi, or pdf file. With your license, you can create unlimited books. At $199 for an ebook license, or $249 for an ebooks + paperback license, it’s a terrific investment that will quickly pay off, as you’ll save dozens of hours on each book you create.

Of course, Vellum won’t write the book for you. But once you have the words on the page, Vellum will simplify the process of getting your work out into the world.

Check out this video to see how Vellum works.

Get Vellum.

Do you have questions about tools for writers? Simply reply to this email. I’d love to help. As always, happy writing!

Michelle Richmond — The Caffeinated Writer

Michelle Richmond is the New York Times bestselling author of five novels and two story collections, including The Marriage Pact, which has been published in 30 languages. She is the founder of Fiction Master Class and the creator of the popular book writing program Novel in Nine.



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