Attributes of charismatic comedians

“The business sides of what we do are suppose to be handled by experts but we do both the creative and business parts of our gig, which somehow makes us super heroes of some sort, however, there is the great need for brand manager’s supports”_Teju Babyface. Host, Teju Babyface Show (TBS). Lagos, Nigeria.

Teju Babyface, fine short guy.

Check out the following qualities of a charismatic comedian.

  1. Love: He is friendly, sharing, and people are attracted to his person.

2. Joy: He is always happy, even when the world around him is crashing.

3. Peace: He is reachable, sociable and peaceable.

4. Patience and organization: He always looks comfortable and comported.

5. Kindness and gentleness: He has good gestures and integrity.

6. Goodness: He is positive and sincere.

7. Faithfulness and fruitfulness: He does not disappoint, but rather produces results.

8. Humility and simplicity: He isn’t proud or difficult to understand.

9. Self- control and Boldness: He has grown above self, so he isn’t selfish but confident.

10. Passion and diligence: He passionately works hard to achieve success.

11. Contentment: He is too busy to be jealous.

12. Observation: He takes note of situation around him.

No! It’s not as easypeasy as you think it is.

But it’s attainable if you are determined to make money from this great business called comedy. Once you possess the above qualities then you’re hotdog. You’ll likely retire young and rich (or old and rich, Your age is in your hands!).

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