To become charismatic

“My first pay in the industry was N500 but I have moved on to bigger projects like MTN West Africa Project Fame, Nigerian Idol and Glo’s lord of the Ribs”_Pencil, Comedian of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Pencil. See the funny in his teeth?

A charismatic comedian is a true star. Nobody can actually pay his price, no matter the amount offered. Start developing yourself. The truth is that you can also become a star of comedy, though you think you’re the dumbest in Nigeria. Hellen initially felt she was cut out for law — holding briefs and chasing ambulances. Even now, ask her if she’s always funny, she will confess she isn’t sure. But she’s certain of this: “I decided to hone my skill and take it to the next level. Most times I don’t come with some well cooked jokes to be delivered on stage.” I hope you won’t descend on yourself now if your show is still a yawn. All you need are these three D’s (1) decision to get the qualities (2) determination and (3) discipline.

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